Today I did not set eyes upon another human being all day. That is not an unusual occurrence here. Life as a hermit is quiet. Sometimes my mind become very quiet in the midst of ll this tranquility. Nonetheless, I do like to keep abreast opf what is going on in the world and this morning I wrote a short p[iece about current affairs.

Then, after coffee, I went out to do some work in the garden. My hands are now tingling from stings and small wounds as I spent most of the rest of the day weeding and pruning the roses. A lots of nettle and other weeds had got in under and around them so it was quite important to free them up. They now look much better for their clean up and haircut.

Tara, the cat, tends to sleep all day but if I am working in the garden I get her out. It was a nice sunny day so she enjoyed rolling on the stone pathway and from time to time coming to see what I was doing. At the end of the day I took her for a walk in the woods. There is a small Amida shrine by the boundary between the Artemis Wood and the Eirene Land and I stopped there to contemplate for a while. Tara came and went to sleep lying across my shoulders.

Eventually we wandered back. The sun was setting. There is a great hush when the sun goes down. All the birds go quiet and the air seems very still. After watching it for a while, I went in a did a bit of ironing. It feels like a good day's worth of activity, here in the silence.

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Thanks Dharmavidya. That makes me miss being there with you guys. Hopefully I'll be there in the summer for a visit. Give Tara some love from me. Namo Amida Bu(   ;

Will do. She is enjoying life here. Yes, hope to see you here before too long. Namo Amida Bu.

I can feel the energy of the place you are in... so wonderful. 

Hope you enjoy much lovely days like that.

Namo Amida Bu and thank you to share.



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