I'm just sharing a photo of a "Spirit Boat" project I did. I made origami boats out of paper, scrim, tea and coffee paper, bones, moss, lichen and other natural materials and launched them on a river as a sort of ritual offering. I repeated the ritual on 30th November - Remembrance Day for Lost Species - to highlight the extinction of species.

Anyway I wrote a blog post about the initial project:


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Alexi, this is absolutely wonderful. Would you hve any objection to us linking the video on this site. You might like to put it up yourself. http://eleusis.ning.com/video I certainly hope that you will post news of your other projects as they come along and any other shamanic things that interest you. Lovely. Many thanks.

Hi David,

I've just added the video to the video page. Here's the link as well: https://vimeo.com/177552385

I'll add some more art project material etc very soon.
Best wishes, Alexi

That's super. Very nice to have a film made by a site member and this one is a little gem. Looking forward to seeing your other projects soon. Thank you.


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