Flight of the Kingfisher - A Journey among the Kukatja Aboriginals by Monica Furlong

A book I am currently rereading - I'd forgotton how good it is.  'Flight of the Kingfisher' by radical Christian feminist Monica Furlong.  It's an engrossing, honest book, like virtually everything else she wrote. Unlike a lot of books exploring the culture of Aboriginal peoples, her account feels utterly trustworthy.   

Just to add, the book is non-fiction, about the authors travels and time spent with Australian Aboriginals.   It's a great read and a sympathetic account of people as she found them; along with a candid sharing of her own reactions, being at times way out of her comfort zone.


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Thanks. Richard. 



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It’s funny what goes through your mind when you spend several hours walking round in circles chanting! In my experience it can be as mundane as thinking about the person who laid the carpet, or as profound as contemplating the significance of spiritual practice. Here’s what came up for me in our most recent session:

In a few billion years the sun will burn out and it’s gravitational mass will be reduced to the point where it can no longer maintain it’s influence on the…


A lovely greeting from Tibet

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