This morning my homily to the dragons was on kindness. After all, dragons must learn kindness too and they have their special contribution. The Dharma is not just about kind folk remaining kind nor just nice people being nice. Buddha nature will always be so in any case. Nor is it about beings changing their nature, really. It is about wisdom. With wisdom, the nature of the dragon can also perform acts of great kindness.

In fact, it is the dragons who hold the mani stone. They are the ones who protect the jewel. This is the key to enlightenment. Soft grass and tranquil waters are beautiful, but fire also has its place. Therefore, I seek friendship with the dragons. Welcome to my hall! Although they writhe and spit they have the energy of transformation. Innumerable are deluded passions; we vow to transform them all. Here transformation does not involve one gram of loss of substance.

When I do my prostrations, I am being a kind of dragon. My sinuous movement, so much more clumsy than theirs, imitates those who ride on the wind and never touch the ground. I may be touching the earth where they are gliding above it, but, nonetheless I can learn from them. To learn from the other is one of the greatest acts of kindness, is it not?

I hope to meet my dragon friends again tomorrow and we shall continue our mutual education.

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