1. Right view: This too shall pass.  

2. Right thought: Compassion for those who suffer.  Gratitude for simple things.

3. Right speech: Don’t spread alarm.  Stay calm. Keep in touch with friends and loved ones by wifi.

4. Right action: Do good for others or use this time for retreat.  Consider what is essential and meaningful. Social distance.  Frugality.

5. Right livelihood: Volunteer if you can.  Stay home if you can’t. 

6. Right effort: Be patient with those with whom one is locked down.  Be content if you are alone.  Have fortitude if you are ill.

7. Right mindfulness:  Remember the Dharma in all that you do.  Namo Amitabhaya.  

8. Right samadhi:  Let love pervade.

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What seems to hold me in recent years is a sense of what could have been; how ecstatic living could have actually occurred within our living if we had been held in a different cultural paradigm.

This view is not embracing bitterness or blaming or even divisiveness. This amazing place we just seem to have appeared in, we know it's potential to nurture, to wisely inform and to grow mutual love.

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