The two most common trees at Eleusis are oak and may (hawthorne). At this time of year the white may flowers stand out against the background of fresh sprouting oak leaves.





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Very lovely!!


There must be at least thirty may trees in bloom on the site at the moment.

Here, we had all the trees flowered, apple trees, plums trees, pear trees, quince tree and walnut trees sprouting, but there were 3 dawns of -4ºC and I'm afraid that everything has been spoiled ...

The weather is changing, we had very early spring in March /April and now all the flowers are burned :-(

Beatiful and inspiring: so pretty and so ephimeral. Thanks forma sharing

Yes - Fernando - our May trees have come through, but the walnuts have suffered very badly from the early spring followed by hard frost. Perhaps we get no nuts this year.

Global warming, I guess. It happens the same in Spain: because of no rain and then frost, we hace lost about 70% of the vines.

So lovely. Reminders of childhood in the Pacific NW. Here we have banana flowers emerging and a storm "event" that filled the water table and left snow atop Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Cheers, Jan

Cay - To lose so many vines - I wonder if the same has happened in France.

Jan - Nice to be reminded.

The buds were just coming out when it began raining in earnest. It has been raining for days now. The trees seem in suspended animation. The ground plants are growing madly though as long as they have some drainage. Parts of the cities on both sides of the Ottawa river are flooding as are areas along the Rideau river and the Gatineau River.

Yesterday a master gardener friend of mine said she thought it was water from all the melting glaciers...


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I (Geeta) can offer up to 3 people a lift from Surrey to Eleusis, leaving at 5 am on 1st June and/or returning to England about 5 pm on 4th June. I can offer one person (or a couple) accommodation on the night before we travel and the night that we return.

Thank you Geeta - nice offer.


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The Russian Orthodox certainly know how to do pomp and ceremony

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