After two months in Italy, teaching and learning, it was good to get back to La Ville au Roi and see that the walls and roof were still in place and nature had not completely taken over. Then, almost immediately, I had a trip to Belgium and Netherlands to see sangha and friends there - some very fine meetings.

Now I'm settled here for a little time in LVAR. It is jolly cold outside these days and I'm getting through quite a bit of wood in the stoves. Nice to have a hot cuppa too. But I'm also getting out to work around the place. Have even cut the grass, not that it is growing very fast in these around zero temperatures. Also harvested some leeks and made a big pot of soup. There is something wonderful about living in such isolation. Certainly a big contrast from Milan.

Walking in the forest is a prayer in itself: passing through the lands of different goddesses, seeing the tiny sprouts of life appearing, hoping for spring: primrose, bluebell, celandine - and all the daffodils standing up proudly in the wind.

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well David

it is good to see that you (also) enjoy solitude, and nature, and make the best of all... including Milan.

Life here is quiet and I found that tapestry is a great activity for practice mindfulness.... and accept the minor errors in the stitchings... 

be well, perhaps sometime next year I will come to LVAR and help you cutting the grass or making bread and jams.

Namo Amida Bu


Maybe I'll see you in Ontario before that.

I am happy for you David. Eleusis is the perfect place to recover from the noise and the madness of modern life:)



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