Sometimes i think that I have been travelling all my life. This is somewhat true, both literally and metaphorically. The endless spiritual journey takes one to ever new domains of life-meaning, especially if one is willing to take the risks that pop up along the way. However, I have also always been a traveller in the literal sense too.

Yet, because of my ill health, I had about 16 months of hardly travelling at all and enjoyed a settled life at my hermitage in France. Then in August this year i resumed teaching in S Korea and offered fifteen days of training in Buddhist psychotherapy. We had a great time and it was lovely to see many of my long-standing students again. then in September there was the ITZI Conference in Belgium. The organising group, and especially Jnanamati, had done a great job and we had a splendid line up of presenters. It does feel as if there is a meaningful international ITZI network now.

October was a month of visitors coming to stay with me at La Ville au Roi and then in November I was off to Spain. Following up the theme of the ITZI Conference I did a workshop on "From Mindfulness to Heartfulness" and this has since led to me writing a short series of articles for this site. Then I was back to Belgium to teach at La Coline Eclairee. And then on to UK where I am now. Next week we have the Bodhi Retreat in Malvern when we shall have a wonderful meeting and many important ceremonies and the week after I'll be at a psychotherapy conference.

In January i shall  be going to Italy and among other things leading a weekend on The Alchemy of Couple Relationships.

It is good to be on the road again. i don't think it is wise for me to do quite as much as before. I am scheduling things so that each place I go I made a somewhat longer stay, so no more whistle stop tours if I can help it, but one is not always totally in control of these things. In the Dharma life one gives oneself to the calling and you are never quite sure where it will take you next.

Namo Amitabhaya !

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This week I flew to Santiago, Chile. Peter is visiting observatories and I am doing a personal writing retreat amongst the crazy noise and frenzy of this large Latin American city. 8 million people, 4 million cars. Many days the Andes are cloaked and invisable but when they do emerge I feel in the presence of greatness. The first day here, I managed to get my reading glasses stolen from my purse. Now some poor thief has glasses that are useless and I'm stuck with drug store reading glasses. Oh well. 

I'm working on an article on school gardens of Kohala district for Ke Ola magazine. The canoe folks have received a huge grant for a 3 year program that will prepare for a voyage to the N.W. Hawaiian islands, fully provisioned from the school gardens of Hawaii Island. Also continuing to work on lingering fiction projects. 

Miss being in Europe with all the wonderful friends there. Maybe next summer. Would love to visit Malvern. Namo Amida Bu, Jan

P.S. Your travels sound wonderful. Too good you. Hope to see you in Hawaii soon. 

You'll be very welcome in Malvern, or in France. Hope you have a good visit in Chile. Namo Amida Bu.


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