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very pretty!


Our younger two 'children' Hugh and Zoe had their 19th birthday yesterday. We walked down a much-loved spit of land, beechwood and fields, that runs to a spur between between two tidal creeks. The blackthorn was blossoming in great profusion. I think its particularly abundant this year, but that may be because the beautiful April weather has lured us out to see it, when we might not always. We lay in the grass in a circular filed, a small round plot that was a bronze age settlement with a panoramic view of the creek ' to get early warning of marauders'. An iron lode runs under the site, which may be part of its reason for being there. The original circular wall still standing (under a thick hedge of thorn trees elder and bramble), having been marked as a protected accent site, back in the 1600s. Very powerful to lie there drowsily, feeling the old memories of the land here, so many lives and cultures come and gone as the blackthorn keeps up its yearly rhythm.



Magnifiques photos. Ces fleurs épanouies rendent nos paroles inutiles!

Thank you for the beautiful photos. It's been a very flowery spring so far. The dandelions have been particularly prolific. The flowers seem to make the bird song even more melifluous. Namo Amida Bu.



ITZI Conference 2017

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Study Group.

Posted by Adam Dunsby on July 18, 2017 at 22:41 1 Comment

We just had a study group meeting at Amida Mandala Temple. Only three of us but a very rich hour. Predictably we came round to the issue of ‘is one Nembutsu enough?’ My understanding: In a sense it is, because when we call Amida we become one with his vow and the Pure Land and thus we are saved. In another sense we have to keep calling him so that he can keep saving us. As if we’re all lost in a thick fog and Amida is a few steps ahead of us illuminating the way, we have to keep him in sight…



Posted by David Brazier on July 11, 2017 at 15:30 0 Comments

On 8th July we had a meeting of six teachers at Oasis together with many visitors.

Pictures: Here

Each of the teachers gave a presentation on what they considered most significant in their practice. Then there was an extended lunch period for socialising and, finally a sessions of questions and answers.…


Feeding the Wolves of Desire.

Posted by Adam Dunsby on July 10, 2017 at 11:30 1 Comment


I remembered a teaching from Dharmavidya…



Posted by Andrew on July 10, 2017 at 0:00 7 Comments

My sons childhood friend was brutally murdered on Friday night. It is hard to believe that it happened. As he left a Birmingham pub a number of young people surrounded him. One of them stabbed him in the heart and he bled to death. He was twenty six years old. I can't get it out of my thoughts, why would any one be that cruel. Why as humans do we do this to each other. I've spent most of the weekend comforting my son, he went on Holliday with Daniel the friend that lost his life, two weeks…


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