Good Medical News

I have recently had some medical tests and today saw my own doctor to review the results. She is pleased with my progress. The best news is that the deep vein thrombosis in my legs which was one of the major elements of the condition that sent me into hospital ten months ago has cured itself to the extent that my veins are all now functioning normally and the blood is flowing as it should. I still have some small vestigial signs of damage but nothing I can't live with. Along the way I have also discovered that my prostate gland is completely normal - always something worth checking at my age - that a variety of other minor symptoms are "nothing to worry about" and that my blood pressure is "perfect" - all good news. This leaves me with the main items - pulmonary embolisms and aneurysm of the aorta. Regarding the aneurysm one has to hope that it does not grow or only does so slowly. Regarding the embolisms, in theory they should eventually fade away, though it might take years, so long as no new ones form, which is why the improvement in circulation in my legs is such good news. Embolisms generally form due to restricted circulation in the legs, as when sitting in airplanes or in the lotus position for extended periods.

Food, Exercise & Climate

It is pretty chilly here at this time of year. However, except on the very worst days, it does not keep one indoors and there is plenty to do outside. Maintaining a regime of little travel and much exercise is what has cured my legs. And we are still eating some produce from our garden. These are our own home grown tomatoes - pretty good for December.



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Very pleased to hear that you are making a good recovery.
Namo Amida Bu

That's great news Dharmavidya. Namo Amida Bu(   :

Very pleased to hear this, Dharmavidya! :-) <3
Sounds like country living is the best cure! Really pleased to hear the good news.

Great news Dharmavidya, I am pleased. What tomatoes!

The best news!!! I am so glad for you...:)

Namo Amida Bu

That's wonderful news Dharmavidya!  Namo Amida Bu

with much love Jayata

Happy to get good news off your health!!!

Nice photo, what a beautiful colours.... here we had grey in the morning (mist) and blue in the afternoon...

all very beautiful.

Namo Amida Bu



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