I have given up giving daily reports for a while now as one day can be much like another at Eleusis, but when one looks back there has been a lot of work in the garden and keeping the place in good order, visitors coming and going with wonderful conversations, many changes in the weather and, all in all, a healthy and stimulating life.

My life of retreat is well balanced between writing, study and physical work which is also what I have needed to regain my health. So now I'm starting to get back into adding teaching and travelling to my schedule. I won't be doing as much as in the past, perhaps, but it is good to get about and meet sangha, students and friends and it is a blessing to be able to do so.

So now I have taken the plunge and am just arrived in Korea where I shall be leading a teaching programme. I intend to add reports to the site so if you want to follow along there will be some notes here

The flight over all went smoothly. I had very good Asian vegetarian food en flight (usually the best option!). I quite like the time spent in airports mooching and people watching. One can speculate about the different lives that go past as one sits and drinks a coffee: excited children - how does that poor parent cope? bodies curled up in sleeping bags - how long have they been waiting? some severe or glum faces - what troubles and anxieties are they carrying? couples of all descriptions - what must their lives be like? A big Asian family come and join me at the long table and start taking selfies... all of life is here.

This has been my first flight since my illness and I'm happy to say that all has gone well.

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It is great to read all this and to know that your journey has been nice and easy for you. We are very glad for you:)

Namo Amida Bu

Have good times in Korea!

I will pray all will go fine and you return in good health.

Namo Amida Bu


Thank you, Vajra.

So glad to hear your travels went smoothly. Thinking of Eleusis, a kind of dharma bubble, always hovering.  I came across an interview article with Beth Jacobs who wrote: The Original Buddhist Psychology: What the Abhidharma tells us about how we think, feel and experience life and was wondering about your take on the Abhidharma. It sounds intriguing. Namo Amida Bu, Jan

Yes, the Abhidharma is the first formulation of Buddhist psychology - an attempt to clarify the system of thinking behind the kinds of interventions made by the Buddha as recorded in the sutras. Since then there have been a great many interpretations and the process goes on.

Do you have writings on the Abhidharma? Or would you recommend on particular one? 

The whole centre section of Zen Therapy is based on Abhidharma.

Yes, I guess that was kind of a dumb question. I have that book as it happens. Time to dive in.



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