Early it was one of those mornings that makes you truly glad to be alive. Calm, clear, bright with blue sky and the sound of the rooks competing with the wood pigeon. I nealy missed it because there is grey cloud edging in from the West and we can expect damper, warmer weather I expect.

I was a bit stiff this morning as yesterday two new jobs came into my rota. I gave the lawnmower its first outing of the year. I cut the glass in the Little Field. This is the tiny field between the ordchard and the Eirene Fire. At this time of year is is not too difficult to cut with the mower on its highest setting. It is really still field grass but I think that if I can keep on top of it, which will not be easy in the spring growing season, I may be able to tame it in to lawn by keeping the grass too short to clump. It will then thicken as every blade gets equal sunlight.

Then I did some digging in the garden, preparing earth for later planting. I took a fork and turned over some of the patch that had leeks over winter. In the process I harvested a few stragglers and later made an excellent soup. When I dig a piece of ground I usually bring in a bit around the margin so as to extend the plot. Digging the fallow is much harder work than turning the cultivated which is why I ration it to a bit at a time. Digging is steady, satisfying work while your back lasts. This patch will probably be pumpkin this year. All the weeds dug out go into a heap. We find here that there is no need to compost weeds in any systematic way - the compost bins we use only got kitchen waste - since making heaps and leaving them in situ works just as well. It all goes back in one way or another. Over the years we have achievd a good depth of cultivable soil here where formerly there was only one centimeter on top of rock.

This simple, outdoor life is not what most people choose these days, but it suits me very well. My only worry is who will look after pussy cat when I am not here.

Well, it is Sunday morning and time to make the porridge. I think I shall take Nati's hint and have some mineral water with lemon juice to go with it.

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