Well there was no typhoon today, only grey clouds and a mild temperature. In fact it has been the first day of the year warm enough for me to work in the upper room and not bother with a fire in the kitchen. Tara stayed out all last night and has been asleep much of the day recuperating. I really love the upper room with all its old oak beams and prefer to work there whenever possible. It looks better now that I have redone the lime on the chimney breast. I've also reorganised the furniture to give a more open feel to the room. It is a good idea to change things around every so often - one finds all sorts of things, clears out dirt from hidden corners and has the opportunity to check for damage and repair or replace things. This room is built in the really old style. Between me and the sky there is only the layer of tile - nothing more. In fact, in summer when it gets really hot one can just take a few tiles out to let the heat escape. At this time of year it is mostly too cold due to the total lack of insulation - one might as well be outside except that it does protect one from wind. It is a bit like being in a large tent. The old oak beams are beautiful and all held together with pegs. One of the supporting beams is slightly broken and long ago I asked a local if it would collapse. "Oh, yes," he said. "When?" I asked, "How long have we got?" "Oh, probably a hundred years or so." Oak is very strong and the core they call iron wood, so a fracture on the surface does not necessarily imply any imminent trouble.

I'm working on the manuscript of a possible new book based on my series "Questions in the Sand". There are now quite a lot of questions and answers now, so Kaspa has suggested that we organise them into a volume that will be a resource for people practising the Amida Shu approach. It is slow work but interesting going back through so many points. My other manuscript on the Dogen text Genjokoan is currently being considered by a publisher - so fingers crossed. My normal pattern is to write in the mornings and do something practical in the afternoon, but this week I am giving the writing more priority. Sometimes one needs to do writing all in a whoosh or you lose the thread.

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Sagesse féline...

Posted by Tamuly Annette on September 29, 2019 at 12:00 1 Comment

En l'absence de Darmavidya, j'ai - en ma qualité de voisine et d'amie - le privilège de m'occuper (un peu) de Tara, la petite chatte. C'est un bonheur  de la voir me faire la fête chaque fois que je me rends à Eleusis: elle s'étire, se roule sur le dos au soleil ou saute sur mes genoux. J'ignore si elle a profité de l'enseignement du maître des lieux, mais j'ai comme l'impression qu'elle me donne une belle leçon de sagesse: elle…



Posted by David Brazier on August 20, 2019 at 21:38 2 Comments

At the moment I am feeling very sad for the state of the planet. As I write the great forests are being consumed by fire, both the tropical forest in Brazil and the tundra forest in Russia. The great forests are the lungs of the earth. I myself have lung problems. When there are parts of the lungs that don’t work anymore one can run out of energy. It can strike suddenly. We will probably not do anything serious about climate change or wildlife extinction…



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My medical condition continues to be a mystery. It is clear that I do not have any of the big nasty things - brain tumour, cracked skull, stroke, etc - as these have been ruled out by MRI investigation. Nonetheless I continue to have persistent, continuous head pain that varies in intensity and I become exhausted by the least effort so that I am functioning like an invalid incapable of doing very much. There is always a possibility that the whole syndrome is a…



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“Do we know what it means to be struck by grace? It does not mean that we suddenly believe that God exists, or that Jesus is the saviour, or that the Bible contains the truth. Grace strikes us when we are in great pain and restlessness. It strikes us when we walk through the dark Valley of a meaningless and empty life. It strikes us when we feel that our separation is deeper than usual, because we have violated another life, a life which we loved, or from which we were estranged. It strikes us… Continue

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