I almost always have a cereal of some kind. I particularly like porridge - that’s what you call "oatmeal" if you are American - and have it about every third day. There are a lot of opinions about porridge. The original Scottish variety is made entirely with water and salt, but many people nowadays add other things. I put in salt, no sweetener, but then use half water, half milk and sometimes add cinnamon and/or dried fruit. This morning it was dried cranberries and sultanas. The longer you cook it the smoother it gets. As it is pretty filling all I needed afterwards was a big juicy orange. I generally eat at least one orange a day. There is always a bowl of them on my kitchen table and they go down well any time, especially when you come in thirsty from work in the afternoon.

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Do you soak it overnight, first? That makes it extra creamy. My Highland father would only have it with salt, the purist. The rest of the family, more indulgent, would drizzle golden syrup from a spoon, making patterns.

Oh, I'll try that - soaking overnight. This evening I've been mastering the art of making pancakes.

I often have breakfast with porridge...I knew it during a meditation retreat! I like it and I put in some fresh and dried fruits depending on the season and honey. Porridge seems to be a very healthy food and oat is very good for intestines!

Thank you Sujatin for the suggestion.

So...happy breakfast!

For breakfast, I usually have a smoothie of milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, and a banana. I get a lot of energy out of that combination.

Yes, I have honey and peanut butter on the "breakfast shelf" of my frig and bananas in my fruit bowl. All good. I also like date syrup, which you can pour straight onto porridge or you can mix with tahini to make a spreadable paste (high on energy and protein) to put on toast.

These days I rarely eat breakfast it's usually a strong black coffee. Not the healthiest way to start the day. For a time I would have a bowl of porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter. The butter for its good fats and the carbs from the porridge, made with water.
I have recently started to eat soya yogurt. Unfortunately I tend to eat it at night as a snack, really need to have more self control.

This morning I had granola with full cream milk, an orange, a slice of homemade chocolate cake and a glass of Badoit mineral water.

I usually drink a glass of water with some drops of lemon in the first place…Afterwards I have a cup of oat drink with a little bit of  hot coffee and some cereals. Then I enjoy a toast of bread with some jam on it and finally I use to end with something little and sweet like a biscuit or something like that… I enjoy a lot that moment of the day, every mouthful is a pleasure. This meal captures my attention completely.

I usually leave some fruit for midmorning:)

I also remember to have had porridge for breakfast in some workshop. It was delicious with cinnamon and honey!!...

'The Guardian' must have realised you were asking ;-) 

:: link

Whatever they say I think honey and cream is rather good.

Me too!

David Brazier said:

Whatever they say I think honey and cream is rather good.

Homemade chocolate cake for breakfast along with cream and granola. Not a bad idea at all. Could always add some ice cream for a bit of extra protein. :-)


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