There are rumours that the next conference in 2019 or 2020 might be in Netherlands and/or China. Watch this space. But it all depends on you too. If you have ideas or want to be involved/help do contact Jnanamati or comment below on this topic.

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Netherlands sounds for me very good. China would be a real challenge i guess- although there are some people in Peking who are working with Christopher Germer on mindfulness and self compassion. But they have to declare this kind of gathering as a Part of a Family care programm. Psychotherapy is still not easy in China and Buddhism has to be compatible with the political order of the government. I really hope to be Part of this next ITZI conference: Thank You so much for make It possible!

Thank you Francoise. I look forward to having you involved.

ITZI Conference 2019: I hear rumour of Bretagne in France as another possibility.

Oh, this place would be my favorite!!!:)

will do, thank you

I  will be in Asia in 2020 and hope to go to China. Not sure what I can do to help, but am willing. 


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I’ve always been interested in groupwork. Recently I’ve been facilitating a rather challenging group. It includes an older man who is enjoying his retirement, an outdoor type who does not say so much but clearly regards the other members as wimps, a writer who has an irritating obsession with etymology, one I think of as the wanderer whose life problem seems to be that of never having learnt to settle down, who tells endless entertaining stories of travels, love affairs and so on, and I was…


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I found this piece tremendously sensible, well-reasoned, and above all, realistic.


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Carol drove me into Ottawa at midday on Wednesday 12th. I had spent the morning being interviewed and making a short film. In Ottawa we had lunch at the vegetarian restaurant and then went on to the airport where she dropped me off. I was to take a local plane to Montreal then fly to Paris and on to Bilbao in Spain with Air France, due to arrive at nine in the morning local time the following day. F would meet me in Spain and take me back to stay with him in a village near Vittoria.…



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I'd like to try to say something about real life, which is the only thing that is really interesting.

I have been a bookworm ever since I learnt to read, which was not until I was seven years old. By that time I had already had important spiritual experiences. I was a rather odd child. Many ideas went through my head that tended to set me apart from other children.



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