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Responsabilidad sobre nuestras acciones

Hace poco en una reunión de grupo, un investigador presentó el famoso tema del “Microbioma”. Este es un tema que en recientes fechas ha cob…

Started by Jimena Balli Garza

6 Oct 3
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In Somerset Maughan's 1915 novel Of Human Bondage, a character makes the following interesting remark: “You know, there are two good things…

Started by David Brazier

2 Jul 28
Reply by David Brazier

LOVE: Some reflections

What is love? We can get some initial sense of the root meaning from the expression “to do something for love”. When we do something for lo…

Started by David Brazier

0 Jul 1


I was recently invited to write an article for the Buddhist magazine Tricycle toward their forthcoming issue on the theme of "Fear". This w…

Started by David Brazier

0 May 19


Hoy en día se está hablando mucho de muros. Como lo dijo ya David en una de sus discusiones, la pregunta es si el muro es para que nadie en…

Started by Jimena Balli Garza

7 Feb 21
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Esto es algo de lo que me pasó durante mis vacaciones, hace algunas semanas. Lo comparto. Durante mis vacaciones decidí visitar la Penínsul…

Started by Jimena Balli Garza

7 Jan 24
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The Future is Unknown Here we are at the beginning of a new year. Perhaps more so than in other recent years, a sense of uncertainty hangs…

Started by David Brazier

5 Jan 9
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I have started reading On the Most Ancient Wisdom of the Italians by Giambattista Vico. It is a book on the early philosophy of Vico, somet…

Started by David Brazier

0 Dec 31, 2016


Recently, I have been following the political scene more carefully than usual. This is because unusual and important events and processes a…

Started by David Brazier

2 Jul 16, 2016
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ANSHIN PART SEVEN ~ Practical Application

Now a lot of guests have arrived and my period of solitude has come to an end. During the times of being here on my own or with just one ot…

Started by David Brazier

0 Jun 24, 2016


ITZI Conference 2017

Blog Posts

Study Grouop

Posted by Dayamay Dunsby on November 13, 2017 at 8:04 0 Comments

We had our regular skype study group on Saturday evening. Three people attended including myself and we studied some of Dharmavidya’s writings and had very helpful discussions about subjects such as Buddhist prayer, accepting death and being Human. The next group will be on Saturday the 25th at 9.30pm. This late time is due to the fact that some of our members are overseas in different time zones. if you would like to join us please email me adamdunsby@hotmail.com or skype me…


ON BEING LIBERALLY DOGMATIC (rather than dogmatically liberal)

Posted by David Brazier on November 8, 2017 at 11:30 0 Comments

Last night I had a conversation in a restaurant in which a person reported the view that the religion of the future would be Zen because Zen was a religion without dogmas. This statement struck me with particular force because at the moment I am in the middle of reviewing a draft chapter by another author on "Eastern Meditation Meets the West" for a future publication. This chapter highlights the cultural filters that ideas have to pass through in order to get a stamp of approval by our…



Posted by Dayamay Dunsby on September 9, 2017 at 20:56 0 Comments

Found this on a Chogyam Trungpa video…

''The relationship between student and teacher is like a dance…

In relating with the teacher, your critical input and your surrendering work together. They’re not working against each other. The more input you get from the teacher and the phenomenal world and the more you develop, at the same time, the more you question. So there is a kind of dance taking place between the teacher and yourself. You are not particularly trying to switch off…


Reflections on Foolishness.

Posted by Dayamay Dunsby on September 5, 2017 at 11:50 2 Comments

I sometimes can’t believe how defective I am!! Whilst despairing of myself the other day I remembered a Shinran teaching that I found some time ago. It really made me think and reinforced my resolve to practice.

It is a Pureland teaching about the depth of our sin preventing us from being genuinely good. Our efforts to be decent, caring beings are always based in and therefore contaminated by our self centredness, greed hatred and delusion. This is due to the…


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