There is no cause for happiness,
only misery wants reason,
yet happiness has prompts innumerable
while misery is mute;
yet when we know the cause of our distress
it has its limit with its season,
only enduring malady is unable
to give account that is not moot;
while joy can sing and raise and bless
and skip come rain, come cloud, come sun,
so that it blossoms still more able
to carry on its fair pursuit.

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 or, first drag on Norman MacCaig


Everything’s in the sunset

glowing as it slips away

the day’s always been


ending Everything’s in the

sunset and we wouldn’t

have it any other way


faces we remember just as

they leave - names called

back and forth across a lazy


summer day Everything’s in

the sunset the world’s glow

swaying as the end begins


begins begins Everything’s

in the sunset and we wouldn’t

have it any other never had


it any other never had it

only the swaying glow of the

world in the sunset



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