Today's snow covers yesterdays tracks.
Success or failure, triumph or wreck.
The waning moon shall later wax.
Time continues her endless trek.

We who follow or go ahead
make war and peace, then rest and sigh.
We have no time to bury the dead,
the undertakers too shall die.

Yet over all still shines the sun,
turning ice to glorious jewel,
and all the ventures we’ve begun
shall end in love and never be cruel.

The snow has covered the tracks of old
and made a wonderland from dross.
My heart is warm, be it ever so cold.
My treasure is greater than any loss.

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Settled warm heart

Snow cycling, I shall go.

At daybreak, I'll follow a love adventure, between burning wax on candle stone and glass.

Trekking through an adventure of courageous dreams.

A land of harlequin wonder.

A heartfelt treasure with endless loving, so I can die alone or as a jewel in my beloved's sensitive eyes.

Carrying the weight of the world as the moon continues to sing while waning.

Taking breath to fight the war that leads to eternal peace.

I shall be queen, pauper and Bombu all at once.

Intending ending cruelty, my heart burning in candle wax, will bury the dead of selfish nature.

Not perfect in this snow covered cycling, just full of wonderful icy mountain peaks, surrendering to you, my jewel.

Surrendering - the jewel in the lover’s eye
the snow melting into gold
the gold flowing through the air
the air all full of stars.

Surrendering - the gold in the lover’s heart
the ice building palaces of bliss
the palaces reaching to the sky
the sky stooping, bending down to kiss.

Surrendering - the sky that covers all
the ocean spilling life up full and strong
the kiss of morning lingers all day long
the stars fall down as jewels in our eyes

Surrendering ambition to the lavender in the sky

In my mind's eye-seeds mate in their lover's eyes

Deeply touched

The butterfly pollenates a rose union

Dove elongates throat to taste the fruits of polished celestial caretaker

A star is born in a stain glass window

Floating irises - spinning - delivering human arched eye brows

Brown Earth kneels - blood pressure lingers on crimson no scarlet red deliverance

Ice gold admission that standing in awe to butterflies pollenating seeds in the sky- another star is born and another

The gold of my lover's heart always fills in the gaps and I humbly admit

To surrender to the ocean's waves

It is how I came to adore the pearls I wear across my neck

From him

My firey and ice gold lover

thank you both  for these poems .

If I were snow, I 'd like to, these words of poets falling on me would melt me into the most beautiful forms, jewels of ice.

Risk a life to take a life to gain a pearl to symbolise
a life that lives forever

The pearl shines in the dragons’s paw
where scaly talons wait to maw
the flesh of hapless paramours
who still don’t know what love is for
yet seek the fiery treasure.

Risk a world to find the world beyond the eyes that mesmerised
all who ever were.

Searching for the rainbow’s end
the first step is to make amends
the second, a holy prayer to send
and only thus equipped to wend
in lands one cannot measure.

Tend the days nor spend nor laze but learn to praise and
make the dragon stir.

Within the soul, crystals of ice!
you might, at first, think that’s not nice,
but thinking so is hardly wise
when beauty sparkles in our eyes;
does heaven have such pleasure?

Reform your gaze, cast off the haze, cut through the maze, to emphasise
the love that faileth never.

Yesterday's heart's division like a hapless dream.
Mighty paw slowly glide your aid of loving compass shun, and that paw sets seal of a sea monster.
Rain a bow around my neck.
Slides like a dragon's kiss to a prince.
Regaining strength by tender whispers.
Prince of principle.
Fiery love in the eyes of salt and pepper shakes.
Increases my compass to light up pearls, making amends for endless apologies, while learning to love you.
Holy hole in my heart.
I'm hearing prayers from every inch of this world's endless connect shuns.
Self has pleasure.
Beauty dreams too.
Lower your gaze they said, I fell down.
Because a soul must crystallize, in order to join the maze of love's eternity.
Awaken to Heavenly eyes...


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