In Dharma practice, questions are very important. Most instances of enlightenment recorded occur in dialogues and most of these start from a question. This is how the Dharma is given and received. It is not just a matter of getting the right answer. The very act of asking and answering is a practice. Here I will offer answers to the questions that I get asked from time to time and so we shall meet.

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In this group will be posted answers to questions asked by enquirers about issues in psychology, spirituality, philosophy and personal life. If you want to pose a question, please e-mail it to with the heading "Questions in the Sand".

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Rituel et Message

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Feb 18. 0 Replies

Rituel et MessageQuestion : Un membre de la sangha m’a demandé récemment : » Si les enseignements de Honen sont si simples, pourquoi nos services religieux sont-ils si compliqués ? » Comme l’avait noté ce membre de la sangha, nos offices comportent…Continue

Les Bouddhas existent

Started by David Brazier Feb 12. 0 Replies

Question : "Le bouddhisme est la croyance que des êtres deviennent éclairés, les arhats et les Bouddhas existent". Comment pouvons-nous vraiment savoir cela? J’ignore si j'ai déjà rencontré un Arhat ou un Bouddha. Et si c’est le cas, suis-je même…Continue


Started by David Brazier. Last reply by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Feb 6. 6 Replies

Question: Qu’est-ce que le bouddhisme et pourquoi être bouddhiste ?Réponse courte: c’est un des meilleurs engagements que vous puissiez prendre dans cette vie.Réponse longue: Le bouddhisme est la tradition spirituelle qui découle des enseignements…Continue


Started by David Brazier Jan 28. 0 Replies

Questions : Qu’est-ce qui vous a amené à passer du Zen à la Terre Pure ? Quand avez-vous su que vous étiez prêt à enseigner ?Pourquoi avez-vous créé Amida Shu au lieu de vous aligner sur Jodo Shu ?Réponses brèves :Une progression naturelle. La…Continue


Started by David Brazier. Last reply by David Brazier Jan 22. 2 Replies

QUESTION: What is spontaneity?SHORT ANSWER: Acting without conscious motive.ANSWER: Spontaneity, nowadays, tends to mean setting aside one's plan or schedule when one is moved or touched emotionally and allowing oneself to respond directly to those…Continue


Started by David Brazier Jan 22. 0 Replies

Question : Pouvez-vous expliquer ce qu’il faut entendre par « la nature de Bouddha » ?Réponse courte : la nature de Bouddha n’est pas une nature.Réponse plus longue : La nature de Bouddha n’est pas une nature. Différents auteurs utilisent le concept…Continue


Started by David Brazier. Last reply by Sujatin Johnson Dec 15, 2017. 1 Reply

QUESTION: In light of Medecin Sans Frontiere’s recent comments on the Rohingya, and the backlash against Aung San Suu Kyi, I wonder if you might be able to post on the site about your thoughts. SHORT ANSWER: Violence springs from delusion and we…Continue


Started by David Brazier. Last reply by Satya Robyn Nov 21, 2017. 3 Replies

QUESTION: Can you explain "Buddha Nature"?SHORT ANSWER: Buddha nature is no nature.ANSWER: Buddha nature is no nature. Different writers use the concept in different ways, so to elucidate it one needs to clarify which Buddha nature concept one is…Continue

Inevitable Awakening

Started by Dayamay Dunsby. Last reply by Juline Smit Jun 9, 2017. 6 Replies

I read something the other day to the effect that, the universe is like an enlightenment machine, which converts ignorance into awakening. To exist is to be subject to its influence and propelled towards enlightenment regardless of the individual's…Continue


Started by David Brazier. Last reply by Dayamay Dunsby May 26, 2017. 1 Reply

QUESTION: Just a little question that's been on my mind recently. The second noble truth. Dukkha Samudaya. It is thirst for self-recreation that is associated with greed. It lights upon whatever pleasures are to be found here and there. It is thirst…Continue

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Posted by Susthama Kim on January 7, 2018 at 22:30 0 Comments

As far as my life goes, it is pretty boring; nothing too exciting or too adventurous. We had a ‘minor scare’ over Christmas, however, but it turned out to be nothing but a change in hormones. Had it come to fruition it would have meant another three years of my life doing nothing but the same thing that I have been doing for the past six years, and boy oh boy, I am so relieved that it was just a scare. You can never be too careful, and at the same time you can’t even plan the perfect time to…



Posted by David Brazier on January 7, 2018 at 16:00 2 Comments

I am currently in Milan - a fine city. This is the commercial hub of Italy, home of many big names and innumerable small enterprises that attract shoppers from all over the world. There is quite a strong sense of energy here. The biggest tourist attractions are La Scala and the Cathedral.

I have rented a…


Johnny Halliday: la mort d'un monstre sacré

Posted by Tamuly Annette on December 18, 2017 at 21:45 1 Comment

L'engouement quasi mystique qu'a suscité la mort de Johnny Hallyday m'a incité à réfléchir sue un phénomène qui m'est apparu comme un substitut de religiosité...

Un monstre sacré

La mort de Johnny Halliday et ses obsèques le 8 décembre 2017

Il y a eu comme une sorte de fièvre médiatique lors de la mort – pourtant attendue – de notre chanteur national Johnny Halliday (Jean-Philippe Smet). Il venait de décéder un jour, après Jean d’Ormesson, et le dernier événement a en…



Posted by David Brazier on December 6, 2017 at 10:08 1 Comment

Johnny Hallyday died just after midnight this morning.

A vous autres, hommes faibles et merveilleux

Qui mettez tant de grâce a vous retirer du jeu

Il faut qu'une main posée sur votre épaule

Vous pousse vers la vie, cette main tendre et légère

On a tous quelque chose en nous de Tennessee

Cette volonté de prolonger la nuit

Ce désir fou de vivre une autre vie

Ce rêve en nous avec ses mots à lui

Quelque chose de Tennessee

Cette force qui nous…


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