In Dharma practice, questions are very important. Most instances of enlightenment recorded occur in dialogues and most of these start from a question. This is how the Dharma is given and received. It is not just a matter of getting the right answer. The very act of asking and answering is a practice. Here I will offer answers to the questions that I get asked from time to time and so we shall meet.

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In this group will be posted answers to questions asked by enquirers about issues in psychology, spirituality, philosophy and personal life. If you want to pose a question, please e-mail it to with the heading "Questions in the Sand".

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Geloof voorbij Wanhoop

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman yesterday. 0 Replies

Vraag: Ik heb net je essay gelezen over de eerste van de "12 stappen" in Running Tide nummer 33. Daarin zeg je: "In het Zuiverland boeddhisme geven we toe dat we niet de macht hebben om onszelf te verlichten. Hierin zit een vorm van wanhoop en een…Continue

La culpabilité

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman yesterday. 0 Replies

Question: Quelle est la bonne attitude à adopter envers les sentiments de culpabilité?Réponse courte: S’en vouloir pour ce que l’on est ne mène à rien et c’est gaspiller sa vie.Réponse plus longue: Nous devons d'abord faire une distinction entre les…Continue

Waarom de Amida school ?

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Apr 9. 0 Replies

Vragen:Wat bracht je ertoe om van Zen over te schakelen naar Zuiver Land?Wanneer wist je dat je klaar was om les te geven?Waarom creëerde je de Amida School in de plaats van je aan te passen aan de Jodo School?Korte antwoorden:Een natuurlijke…Continue

Waarom Amidisme ?

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Apr 4. 0 Replies

Vraag: Wat is er speciaal aan het Zuiverland boeddhisme en de toewijding aan Amida?Kort antwoord: een realistisch beeld over de mens, een generieke spiritualiteit en een eenvoudige beoefening.Langere antwoord: Zuiverland boeddhisme is ontwikkeld…Continue


Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Mar 27. 0 Replies

Vraag: Is metafysica noodzakelijk?Kort antwoord: je kunt niet zonder, maar meestal functioneert metafysica onzichtbaar, ingebed in de vanzelfsprekende veronderstellingen van mensen.Langere antwoord: dit soort vragen is over het algemeen geworteld in…Continue

Wat is boeddhisme?

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Mar 23. 0 Replies

Vraag: Wat is boeddhisme en waarom zou men ervoor kiezen om boeddhist te zijn?Kort antwoord: dit is een van de beste engagementen die je in dit leven kunt aangaan.Langer antwoord: Boeddhisme is een spirituele traditie die z’n oorsprong heeft in de…Continue

Wat is nembutsu ?

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Mar 23. 0 Replies

Wat is Nembutsu?Vraag: In het Zuiverlandboeddhisme zeggen we de hele tijd de nembutsu. Kun je meer vertellen over wat nembutsu betekent?Kort antwoord: "Ik, een dwaas wezen, aanroep Amithaba Boeddha".Langer antwoord: Het woord nembutsu is Japans en…Continue


Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Mar 21. 0 Replies

Question: La métaphysique est-elle nécessaire?Réponse courte: Vous ne pouvez pas vous en passer. Mais la plupart du temps elle reste inexprimé et forme une part intégrante des présupposés  que les gens considèrent comme allant de soi.Réponse plus…Continue

Qu'est ce que le nembutsu

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman. Last reply by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Feb 26. 2 Replies

Qu'est-ce que le Nembutsu? Question: Dans la  Terre Pure, nous prononçons sans cesse le nembutsu. Pouvez-vous nous en dire davantage sur la signification  du nembutsu?Réponse courte: Moi, être stupide, j’appelle Amitabha Bouddha.Réponse plus longue:…Continue

Rituel et Message

Started by Vajrapala Lut Moerman Feb 18. 0 Replies

Rituel et MessageQuestion : Un membre de la sangha m’a demandé récemment : » Si les enseignements de Honen sont si simples, pourquoi nos services religieux sont-ils si compliqués ? » Comme l’avait noté ce membre de la sangha, nos offices comportent…Continue

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Nembutsu Question

Posted by Dayamay Dunsby on April 20, 2018 at 8:22 1 Comment

I found this in a book that I'm reading. It has challenged my current "understanding" of the Nembutsu. I tend to think of the name itself as salvation and the bridge to the Pure Land...

"...Nembutsu is not a means to gain salvation but a reflection of it. Shinran acknowledges there is nembutsu without true entrusting because he lived in an environment where nembutsu was recited for benefits and merit. By itself it cannot produce true entrusting. Nevertheless, they are inseparable as…


Shinran and Ippen

Posted by Dayamay Dunsby on April 16, 2018 at 8:00 0 Comments

On Saturday evening our regular study group met on Skype where we looked at and discussed material from "No Abode", a beautiful book about the life of Ippen, ancient Japanese Purland master and "The Essential Shinran" which documents the life of Shinran Shonin, one of Honen's most famous disciples. We had a very stimulating discussion which I enjoyed greatly. We will be meeting again on Saturday 19th May at 9pm British time. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to join us.…


Buddhism Day

Posted by Andrew Ralph Cheffings on March 28, 2018 at 15:46 1 Comment

I wasn't getting as much done as I intended to or 'needed' to in my previous mode of moving between lots of different activities, so I decided to devote one day a week to a particular activity, and this week I'm doing a Buddhism day. I've finally managed to get started on Vow 22, then I did some online research and catching up with mostly Buddhist emails, then I wrote a dharma talk. I plan to do a service run-through later. It's certainly easier for me to get things done this way. Namo Amida…



Posted by David Brazier on March 19, 2018 at 21:43 1 Comment

Today is the fourteenth anniversary of the death of Gisho Saiko. Sensei Saiko was the founder of Shinshu Counselling. He wrote a number of books and presented his ideas at international conferences as well as through his university and Buddhist organisations in Japan. He referred to my work in his books and when I visited Japan a few months before his death, he took on to invite me to a number of gatherings and hosted my wife and I in royal fashion. He was enthusiastic that I should play a…


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