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Course 3 Day 4 Final

MORNING SESSION SMALL GROUPS Review the work of yesterday DEMONSTRATION SESSION Client talked about fluctuating energy levels and difficul…

Started by David Brazier

1 Aug 19, 2018
Reply by Minsun Sung

Course 3 Day 3

MORNING SESSION SMALL GROUPS Reviewing work of yesterday LECTURE Topics 1. The Four immeasurables: Love, Compassion, Sympathetic joy, Equan…

Started by David Brazier

0 Aug 15, 2018

Course 3 Day 2

MORNING SESSION REFLECTION Mind/heart precedes states. Mind/heart is chief. Mind made are they. Act with impure heart, suffering follows as…

Started by David Brazier

0 Aug 14, 2018

Course 3 Day 1

MORNING SESSION LECTURE This lecture established the importance of encounter in the Buddhist tradition. In the stories of great masters, mo…

Started by David Brazier

0 Aug 13, 2018

Course 1 Day 5 Final

MORNING SESSION INPUT Brief input on the nature and purpose of psychotherapy, distinguishing it from utilitarian counselling. Some counsell…

Started by David Brazier

2 Aug 10, 2018
Reply by David Brazier

Course 2 Day 5 Final

MORNING SESSION INPUT One of the demonstrations from yesterday could be analysed as the following sequence: CONTACT -> WARM UP -> PER…

Started by David Brazier

0 Aug 10, 2018

Course 2 Day 3

MORNING SESSION REVIEW In small groups reviewing learning so far. INPUT The rest of the morning was taken with a lecture on the 18 dhatu se…

Started by David Brazier

2 Aug 9, 2018
Reply by David Brazier

Course 2 Day 4

It is OK to be human. "Should" is an obstacle to therapy. RUPA -> VEDANA -> SAMJNA -> SAMSKARA -> VIJNANA VIJNANA = Intention…

Started by David Brazier

0 Aug 9, 2018

Course 2 Day 2

Head --------------------------------------------> Heart Discussion --------------------------------------> Experience Talking about…

Started by David Brazier

0 Aug 7, 2018

Course 2 Day 1

MORNING SESSION 18 people in the group, 6 of them new. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS - Can we develop a Buddhist theory of the unconscious? - Buddh…

Started by David Brazier

0 Aug 6, 2018


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Bombu Quote

Posted by Dayamay Dunsby on January 27, 2020 at 11:25 0 Comments

Quote from Anthony De Mello:
“…in awareness you will understand that honour doesn’t mean a thing. It’s a social convention, that’s all. That’s why the mystics and the prophets didn’t bother one bit about it. Honour or disgrace meant nothing to them. They were living in another world, in the world of the awakened. Success or failure meant nothing to them. They had the attitude: “I’m an ass, you’re an ass, so where’s the problem?”

Namo Amida Bu( ;

Sagesse féline...

Posted by Tamuly Annette on September 29, 2019 at 12:00 1 Comment

En l'absence de Darmavidya, j'ai - en ma qualité de voisine et d'amie - le privilège de m'occuper (un peu) de Tara, la petite chatte. C'est un bonheur  de la voir me faire la fête chaque fois que je me rends à Eleusis: elle s'étire, se roule sur le dos au soleil ou saute sur mes genoux. J'ignore si elle a profité de l'enseignement du maître des lieux, mais j'ai comme l'impression qu'elle me donne une belle leçon de sagesse: elle…



Posted by David Brazier on August 20, 2019 at 21:38 3 Comments

At the moment I am feeling very sad for the state of the planet. As I write the great forests are being consumed by fire, both the tropical forest in Brazil and the tundra forest in Russia. The great forests are the lungs of the earth. I myself have lung problems. When there are parts of the lungs that don’t work anymore one can run out of energy. It can strike suddenly. We will probably not do anything serious about climate change or wildlife extinction…


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