Hello. I am David Brazier. Eleusis is my home. It is not a public facility or a "centre". I feel very privileged to live in this wonderful place and I like to welcome friends to stay. Sometimes quite a lot of people come. You are all very welcome. The following information may help make your visit more successful.

If you are interested in coming to visit or stay, please e-mail me first on obaron3@icloud.com giving details of the dates you wish to attend and whether you are coming by car, train or other means, whether you want to stay in the house or are bringing a tent, and what you are hoping for from your visit.

Eleusis is a magical place full of beautiful surprises. A place where you can hear nature breathe and touch the infinite in the tiny details of growing life.

What to Bring
- Casual clothes, warm in winter, light in summer
- Comfortable shoes for walking or working (wellies or boots in winter)
- Work gloves for gardening or other activities
- Sheets, pillowcase; (blankets & towels can be provided. We have some sheets. check in advance if you would like to travel light)
- A sleeping bag is needed if you are camping or in winter
- A torch
- Tent if camping
- Medical or other insurance as desired; from UK: apply for a European insurance card from your post office

Depending on the activities you are going to be doing, you may also want to bring:
- Musical instruments or art materials
- Meditation cushion (we have cushions, but you may prefer your own)
- Sports or play materials including swimming things, as we have lakes nearby
I have usually got some spare work clothes, extra jumpers and such-like if you need them.

If you have unwanted equipment you would like to contribute, we can generally make good use of bedding, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, cloth, cushions; tents, mats, carpets, bikes; gardening tools. 

If you have special needs of any kind, let me know and I'll do what I can.

Accommodation: There are shared rooms in the house, smaller single rooms in outbuildings, and camping. There is one meditation hut for individual retreats, and I hope to build more one day. The accommodation is basic, fine for summer, challenging in the colder months.

Practice: The style and quantity of spiritual practice here varies depending upon the event taking place at a particular time. There may be meditation, chanting, and various rituals, both Buddhist and centred on the different goddesses. The Buddha Hall is open to the air and allows us to experience the natural elements in a very immediate way. It can be quite magical to see martins fly in and out or watch the moon rise in front of the entrance throwing its light onto the candle lit shrine. Around the land, there are areas dedicated to  Demeter (Earth Mother), Artemis (Diana), Aphrodite (Venus) and Eirene (Goddess of Peace).

Community: When a number of us gather together here we become a community. Such gatherings make for a special life. We have regular community gatherings where we can talk about our personal experience. I see these sharings as a vital ingredient of the spiritual life. If you want to see me individually for private sessions, that is also often possible.

I hope you will enjoy being here. As a guest at Eleusis you can create a balance between private time and community life and between communal work, expressive activities, contemplation and devotion, and leisure. There are beautiful paths in the woods and plenty of space. Solitary retreats are possible in the kuti (retreat hut) or by camping in more distant spots.

Ethics: No meat or alcohol on site, please. Respect living things. Don't kill. Don't steal. Behave responsibly and think of the common good.

Cost: If you come for a course, there is a fee for the course. Otherwise, anybody who comes here comes as my guest. I do not expect you to contribute financially, but you can if you wish. People have different means so there is no set fee. If you want a recommendation, then between 20 and 55 euros per day full board in July and August (£12-£40), less at other times. Generally speaking, the longer a person stays the lower the daily rate. You will take into account your own income as well as the extent to which you want to support what we are doing here.


SAFETY: Please work and play in ways that are sensitive to the environment as well as the safety of yourself and others. I hope you explore and enjoy, but I cannot be liable for any accidents that result, so please take care, especially if working with gardening, wood cutting, or building tools. Power tools and dangerous chemicals should not be used by any visitor except with my specific permission, and then only with suitable protective clothing. Anyone using such tools does so at their own risk. Access to tools and other equipment is not permitted for under 16s unless accompanied by an adult, and should, in any case, be kept to functional purposes.

CHILDREN: Children are welcome by arrangement. There is plenty of space, and it is a healthy life, but the countryside can also be dangerous, so, depending on age, children need supervision and, mostly, that falls to the parents, which may restrict their time for participation in other activities. Although other visitors are often happy to help out with childcare, you cannot rely on it. Also, since some people come here for quiet retreats I think it is usually best if families camp. That way they can have some family time and privacy.

PHONE & INTERNET: The international phone number is +, but it does not work very well and only works for local outgoing calls. Better to contact me by e-mail and when you are here please use your mobile or Skype. We have wi-fi in the house or there are internet cafes in local towns.

LOCAL TRANSPORT: There are no local bus services, so if you want to explore the area, do consider bringing a car or hiring one locally. If you can offer lifts from UK or elsewhere please let me know in good time and I'll try to put you in touch with people who would like to share costs when appropriate. As we are off the beaten track, having a car is useful for getting to the lake or local villages and places of interest.

Last updated by David Brazier Apr 15, 2016.

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