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Lovely time in Eleusis

Back in Spain, I am realising of the powerful energy of Eleusis, its rythm, its sangha, its spaces, its people... I really think that it is a good place to be for a while. In a short period of time it has triggered many interesting processes in me. Not only this; it has also given a frame of respect and support; it has let those personal processes evolve with their own pace.

I am very thanked to the kindness and generosity to each and everyone that I have met here. Specially the…


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Akshobhya Buddha by R. Althouse

Posted by Robert Joshin Althouse on August 3, 2020 at 13:59 0 Comments

A Vajrayana practitioner who uses this Buddha as the focus of his nundro practice commissioned me to paint this Buddha. This Buddha belongs to the Vajra Buddha family and is located in the east. There is a nice story about this Buddha. A monk who wanted to practice in the Eastern lands of delight, vowed to not let anger or rancor take up residence in his heart. With great determination he finally was able to not harbor any ill will towards any beings and in so doing achieved…


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