I found these in a book that Satya lent me recently. They're helping me to identify my spiritual pride and my resistance to reality. Thanks Satya. Namo Amida Bu(   :

St. Benedict's 12 steps to cultivating humility:


  1. Be aware of God's presence always. Remind yourself that if God is everywhere, God is present as everyone. Each encounter is an encounter with God, demanding your utmost respect and attention. 
  1. Place God's will above your own. What is your will? To control life to your own advantage, or, when you realize this is impossible, to blind yourself to your powerlessness with addictive behaviours. What is God's will? To liberate you from the places in which you are enslaved. Doing God's will is freeing yourself and helping to free others as well. 

  1. Seek guidance only from those who have your best interests at heart, those who support your liberation from the illusion of power and the addictions it carries with it. 

  1. Be patient and still in the face of difficulties and contradictions, and even personal injustice; respond not from a place of injured pride or frustrated will, but from a place of objective calm and mindful tranquility 

  1. Recognise when evil thoughts arise in your heart; see them for what they are: the chains of enslavement; and release them by confessing your dark thoughts and secret sins to a trusted confidant. As the twelve step proverb puts it, ''we are only as sick as our secrets''. 

  1. Be content with whatever life brings to you, seeing nothing as reward or punishment, and everything as an opportunity to deepen your capacity for humility and the liberation that humility brings.  

  1. Consider yourself lower than others, not in hopes that ''the last shall be first''(Matthew 20:16) but in order to try and lift the other toward freedom. 

  1. Do nothing that serves yourself alone; make all your deeds of benefit to the community.  

  1. Discipline your speech and strengthen your capacity for silence. 

  1. Avoid silliness, mockery, and playing the fool. 

  1. Speak gently and forthrightly, and avoid the fog of words that comes with speech that designed to deceive. 

  1. Keep your heart humble and your appearance simple, engaging each moment as an opportunity to release fear and the need to control.  Namo amida Bu.

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Comment by Tamuly Annette on February 6, 2017 at 19:07

Every situation can become an opportunity. I think this is what you are experiencing presently!I wish you courage and fortitude! Keep on writing and sharing your feelings! Namo Amida Bu!

Comment by Nati on January 29, 2017 at 12:35

Many, many thanks , Adam

Namo Amida Bu

Comment by Adam Dunsby on January 29, 2017 at 12:31
Hi Nati. The book is called "Recovery, the sacred art." By Rami Shapiro. Namo Amida Bu( :
Comment by Nati on January 29, 2017 at 12:21

Thank you Adam . They are really good. Could you please tell me the title of that book?

I am afraid I also need to learn a lot about this:)

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