Maximum Entropy and Wormholes to Sukhavati.



Every now and then I feel drawn to the subject of quantum physics. Having studied some of the more readable material in popular science books, I feel as though I've got a pretty good feel for the somewhat counter-intuitive nature of the subject matter. I think what I love about it is that it requires a particular type of thinking in order for any level of 'understanding' to be achieved. A certain amount of detachment from our accepted, concrete reality is necessary. This seems to have a quite nourishing effect on my intellect, as the elusive nature of the material seems to deny the ego the sense of glory that it seems to thrive on. There's nothing to hold on to! 

Quantum Entropy and Entanglement are two of the subjects that caught my attention recently and both seem to have very interesting implications in the world of big things that we live in. As if there's an invisible boundary between the two realms(quantum and classical) and a feedback loop that informs the relationship between them.  


Entropy always increases, never decreases. It is the measure of disorder or decay in a system, as governed by the deterioration of it's energy state. The quantity of energy in the universe can never diminish, it was formed with the same amount as it has now but as matter decomposes, the energy is converted into different forms and the cycle continues. I can't help but draw parallels with the apparent decline of our planet, environmentally, socially and politically. Maybe the law of entropy is working on more subtle levels than are possible to measure, producing effects such as collective apathy, as we languidly slope towards mass annihilation. A state of Maximum Entropy! This would quite neatly correspond to another scientific theme that I've been thinking about which suggests that the Universe may well develop in cycles, metaphysical causes governing physical effects, which must reach a certain level of sophistication before collapsing back to their primordial state, where they can then progress to a higher state in a similar time scale. Modern man could well be considered the culmination of this particular phase, and may well be the mechanism by which it reaches it's inevitable conclusion. This, apparently, could be the nature of evolution, evolving itself. 


Quantum Entanglement is the description of a phenomena whereby particles are produced simultaneously from a common source and naturally imbued with qualities that profoundly bond them at any distance, even at billions of light years away. The particles behave as though they were never separated and still exist in the same system, displaying instant responses to each other. When you measure or disturb one in any way, the other one reacts in a way which corresponds to the stimulus. The particles are said to have spin, which means that they are polarised and what you do to one creates the opposite effect in it's counterpart. The material that I have been studying relates to the entanglement of whole systems, such as black holes. By the same principle, enough particles produced from a common source could collapse into wormholes through space-time, connecting vastly distant regions of space. What happens in one region, is the polar opposite of the other.

 To me this is all incredibly exciting. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering how this might be applied to the idea of karmic affinity and realising the Pure Land. Mentally playing with the idea of entanglement with AmidaNembutsu being the means of quantum measurement which activates the bond and connects us to Sukhavati. It seems to make sense that a world of intense material principles such as this, might be entangled with a world of pure spirit. By this premise we could all be entangled with Amida and the sacred name could be the wormhole through which grace and love are transmitted. Maybe it all sounds a bit too rational, a bit too cerebral, and a little bit reductionist, but it's serious food for thought in my humble opinion, and at very least, it's keeping me entertained for the time being!  

Namo Amida Bu.  



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Comment by Andrew Ralph Cheffings on May 2, 2017 at 17:43

Very interesting. I enjoyed reading that. Social entropy is an interesting idea. I think there is a sense of impasse anyway. Hopefully Amida will carry us away from it. I pray so. It often happens. NAB

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