Meditation as Writing/Writing as Meditation

I have been asked to talk tomorrow at 11am EST on the subject of Meditation as Writing and Writing as Meditation. 

The topic fascinates. My Master's thesis explored teaching Visualization in order to teach reading and writing as it has always seemed to me that the same process applies. We "picture" the story as our eyes move across the page in much the way we learn to picture a Tibetan deity, for instance, Medicine Buddha. 
However as I contemplate, I see again. In beginning a writing practice many people experience a time of picking up the practice, being diligent, then falling away again much in the same way as beginning meditation practice. As we begin meditation practice (and after 45 years I understand I am a beginner) 
we experience the five hindrances: Desire for Results, Anger (frustration when results don't come or don't come easily or come too far apart) despair also called sloth and torpor, restlessness and worry (when will this be over? how soon can I return to..., am I doing this the right way?) and finally skeptical doubt: others can do this, but it doesn't work for me. 
All of these also rise as one begins to tackle the struggle of writing, writing often, writing as a calling. 
Of course as in meditation practice, writing also has its moments of serendipity. One such for me has been the way in which I connected with David and this wonderful community. 
David put out a call on LinkedIN for papers to potentially go into an edition of the International Journal of Psychology he had been asked to edit.  I was pretty sure my writing on Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind wasn't an exact fit but something told me to connect. 
In typical David generosity in spite of his ruggedly busy schedule he made mention of some very cogent points on the writing I sent him. To this minute I am in deep appreciate, and awe that his mind works so quickly to cut through! 
Then he suggested he wouldn't mind to read a later draft of the whole book. I was again deeply moved. 
So perhaps one of the ways in which Writing and Meditation coincide is in the way in which both or either can lead to moments of serendipity in the world, to communion and connection with others in ways we don't know until we are knee deep in the process. 
Thank you David and thanks for the warm Eleusis community for all your actions, your thoughts in writing here on the site, and your generosity of heart! May 2016 bring a full heart and a peaceful mind to all. 
To listen in please go to: 

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