This is a list of the 5 minute podcasts sent out in June 

All podcasts are by Dharmavidya David Brazier. They are about 5 minutes long and deal with Buddhist topics from a Pureland perspective, often in relation to current affairs.

29: 2nd June: Respect

30: 4th June: Engagement

31: 6th June: Yelui Chu Tsai

32: 8th June: Conclave

33: 10th June: Go I (Five Ranks)

34: 12th June: Love Received

35: 14th June: Sincere Mind

36: 16th June: Samjña

37:18th June: Amida Shu Origins

38: 20th June: Yin and Yang

39: 22nd June: Echoes of Amida

40: 24th June: Auyxiliary Meditation

41: 26th June: Nirvana

42: 28th June: Bio-diversity

43: 30th June: How I got interested in India

If you would like to obtain any of these please write to me either on this site or at  Please indicate if you also wish to be on the distribution list to receive them regularly. Please do not order more than three at a time.

Other months: 




Podcasts are issued free of charge.  If you wish, nonetheless, to make a donation I would like you to give it to support the Amida Order's work in India

If you prefer to give to me personally, e-mail me.

Thank you.

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It struck me, while watching the steam rise off my pan of hot water earlier, that the universe, in physical terms, behaves in the same way today as it did 4 billion years ago. Before life even existed in any conscious form. When the earth was busy shaping itself from its own internal pressures. Spewing out toxins and branding itself with molten rock. Change comes from within, and is nurtured from external sources...  

Early this morning I picked up a…



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