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Magic City

Yesterday we had a good meeting to reflect on the Lotus Sutra. We read the Parable of the Magic City (Chapter VII), meditated on it and had an interesting discussion afterwards.
We meet every Wednesday from 14:00 - 15:00 (Rome). Do join us!  More inf

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Memory drops

At home again. I've just arrived and I already miss our little community: "Dharmavidya, please read a Shakespeare's sonnet for us".......So, he disappears and ,after a while, he reappears with an old book in his hands. He perfectly knew where it was

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Butterflies of Eleusis

There are countless butterflies at Eleusis. Lavender, roses, lilacs along with wild flowers and herbs spread a fine, irresistible fragrance throughout the garden and forest. It is such a delight to interrupt the work and watch these beautiful, dreaml

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In the evening calm, white on blue, rippled cloud,
as sand is corrugated by the churning of sea water,
or the ladder makes its shadow on the white-washed wall.
The birds are flying homeward, the sun is going down,
the cat is sitting soberly up

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1 Reply · Reply by Dharmavidya Aug 1, 2021
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Dharma Ocean Class

In this morning's on-line Dharma Ocean Class we read the first third of the Contemplation Sutra and discussed the imagery and embedded teachings.  The sutra's vivid imagery and drama stays with one.  

It was also gratifying to hear members report how

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A Pleasant Summer Day


These days, here at Eleusis, we are passing some time enjoying the garden and writing poetry, eating meals outside and chanting sutras into the evening.  Yesterday, in the afternoon, we visited the Parc Floral at Vernais, a fine garden open to the p

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