My Friends (167)

Jose Koeneman

Utrecht, Netherlands

Andrea Bergström

Hoogeveen, Netherlands

Jon Cox

London, United Kingdom

Ming Ming Wang

Berkeley, CA, United States

Martha Ellen Katz

Cambridge, MA, United States

Hernán Brizuela

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Alex Merry

Wrexham, United Kingdom

Christopher Kerr

Greenville, SC, United States

Mark Wiltshire

Diss, United Kingdom

Patricia Snider

Abu Dhabi, UAE, United Arab Emirates


Alameda, CA, United States

Conrad Young

London, United Kingdom


Cape Town, South Africa

Robert Joshin Althouse

Oak Park, IL, United States


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paul Overend

Norwich, United Kingdom

Ed Kimble

Tucson, AZ, United States

Nicole Stern

Munich, Germany


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Posted by Dayamay Dunsby on November 29, 2020 at 11:30 0 Comments

It struck me, while watching the steam rise off my pan of hot water earlier, that the universe, in physical terms, behaves in the same way today as it did 4 billion years ago. Before life even existed in any conscious form. When the earth was busy shaping itself from its own internal pressures. Spewing out toxins and branding itself with molten rock. Change comes from within, and is nurtured from external sources...  

Early this morning I picked up a…



Posted by Tineke Osterloh on November 26, 2020 at 20:30 0 Comments

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