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Amida Shu Podcast 44, 2nd July 2020: The Art Of Living (Transcript)

There is some really important common ground between spiritual practice and art. In fact, one could possibly say that spiritual practice is the ultimate art. Just as we have music and painting and poetry and various forms of art, each of which has a specific medium, spiritual practice is the art in which the medium is simply life itself. Can one turn one’s life into a work of art? Even in this statement or question there is a kind of paradox. An artist is, we can say, somebody who turns a piece…

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I’ve just watched the film Hotel du Lac. It was made in 1986 and starred the actress Anna Massey who plays the part of a novelist who has dropped out of London life to stay in a Swiss Hotel in order to live down a small scandal. The film is based on an Anita Brookner novel. The film is a film, but it is somewhat more like a stage play and since there is narration as well as picture it is also a little like reading a book - an interesting mix that does work rather well, enabling one to be close…

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Spirit Boats

I'm just sharing a photo of a "Spirit Boat" project I did. I made origami boats out of paper, scrim, tea and coffee paper, bones, moss, lichen and other natural materials and launched them on a river as a sort of ritual offering. I repeated the ritual on 30th November - Remembrance Day for Lost Species - to highlight the extinction of species. Anyway I wrote a blog post about the initial project:

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