Spirit Boats

I'm just sharing a photo of a "Spirit Boat" project I did. I made origami boats out of paper, scrim, tea and coffee paper, bones, moss, lichen and other natural materials and launched them on a river as a sort of ritual offering. I repeated the ritual on 30th November - Remembrance Day for Lost Species - to highlight the extinction of species.

Anyway I wrote a blog post about the initial project:


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  • That's super. Very nice to have a film made by a site member and this one is a little gem. Looking forward to seeing your other projects soon. Thank you.

  • Hi David,

    I've just added the video to the video page. Here's the link as well: https://vimeo.com/177552385

    I'll add some more art project material etc very soon.
    Best wishes, Alexi
  • Alexi, this is absolutely wonderful. Would you hve any objection to us linking the video on this site. You might like to put it up yourself. https://eleusis.ning.com/video I certainly hope that you will post news of your other projects as they come along and any other shamanic things that interest you. Lovely. Many thanks.

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