Dragons also take refuge in Amida Buddha. The dragons are proud of their role as defenders of the Dharma. They roar around on their motorbikes and scare off ghosts, demons and anyone who seems to represent a threat. However, all these threats only exist in the relative world of conditions. Amida is the Buddha of infinite light, which means that he appears everywhere, and of limitless life, which means that he will exist throughout time. Therefore, on the one hand, he is invulnerable, yet, on the other hand, there are innumerable opportunities to protect, cherish and worship him. In the same way, the nembutsu reverberates through time and space whether we chant it or not, but this means that there are a limitless number of opportunities for us to join in. Refuge, therefore, is practice and all forms of practice are refuge, and this is a cause for rejoicing and gratitude. Prostrating to the Buddhas enables them to insert the Dharma seed into our hearts, but each being prostrates in their own way accordong to their nature. The seed in the heart of a dragon may emerge as fire. Since they are dedicated to the Dharma, dragons take refuge naturally. As this is so we do not need to be afraid of them - they are our brothers and sisters.

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