This is a list of the 5 minute podcasts sent out in June 

All podcasts are by Dharmavidya David Brazier. They are about 5 minutes long and deal with Buddhist topics from a Pureland perspective, often in relation to current affairs.

29: 2nd June: Respect

30: 4th June: Engagement

31: 6th June: Yelui Chu Tsai

32: 8th June: Conclave

33: 10th June: Go I (Five Ranks)

34: 12th June: Love Received

35: 14th June: Sincere Mind

36: 16th June: Samjña

37:18th June: Amida Shu Origins

38: 20th June: Yin and Yang

39: 22nd June: Echoes of Amida

40: 24th June: Auyxiliary Meditation

41: 26th June: Nirvana

42: 28th June: Bio-diversity

43: 30th June: How I got interested in India

If you would like to obtain any of these please write to me either on this site or at dharmavidya@fastmail.fm.  Please indicate if you also wish to be on the distribution list to receive them regularly. Please do not order more than three at a time.

Other months: 

April: https://eleusis.ning.com/group/buddhism/forum/topics/podcasts-2020-04

May: https://eleusis.ning.com/group/buddhism/forum/topics/podcasts-2020-05

July: https://eleusis.ning.com/group/buddhism/forum/topics/podcasts-2020-07

Podcasts are issued free of charge.  If you wish, nonetheless, to make a donation I would like you to give it to support the Amida Order's work in India http://www.amidatrust.com/india/

If you prefer to give to me personally, e-mail me.

Thank you.

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