The group Global Sangha emerged out of the experience of the pandemic starting in April 2020.

Global Sangha is
 - a nembutsu sangha, which means that it follows the Pure Land style of Buddhism centred upon invocation of Amitabha Buddha (Amida Nyorai).  
- a shravaka sangha, in which the most active members are followers of the teachings of Dharmavidya David Brazier, the teacher/lama/sensei.
- an international fellowship of a wide range of people from many countries who are interested in the teachings &/or do the practice &/or attend the courses offered

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  • It's time for all the Buddhists come together for the Gloval Sangha!  It's a great idea and I believe it will succeed.

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The Buddhist Message ~ GS44, 07th September 2021 (Transcription)

We are at the beginning of a new semester, a new term, and so I would like to take the time and perhaps make a slightly longer podcast to set out the basics of the Buddhis message.The Buddha taught Four Truths:I - DukkhaThe first of these was the Truth of affliction, that there are certain existential afflictions, certain afflictions that, in this life, we cannot avoid, we must all endure. The first four of these:birth, aging, disease and deathThese are all indubitably unavoidable whether you…

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Philia ~ GS43, 31st August 2021 (Transcription)

I’ve been thinking about friendship and philia. Philia is one of the Greek words for love, but in this case love between friends. There are other words for other kinds of love in Greek, so we have eros, which is love between lovers, storge, which is the kind of love that parents have for their children, then agape, which is the ideal love, like the love of God, so the love of Amida for the bombu person is agape, it is unconditional. Then in the other extreme, there is ludos. Ludos is playful…

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Forgetting the self ~ GS42, 7th August 2021 (Transcription)

One of the key passages in the text Genjo Koan written by Dogen Zenji reads in translation as follows:To comprehend what we call the Buddha Tao means to comprehend the self. To comprehend the self is to forget the self. Forgetting self is confirmed by the myriad Dharmas. This being confirmed by myriad Dharmas causes body-and-mind – and even the body-and-mind of others – to fall away. This coming to a stop is the enlightenment-trace, the evidence of enlightenment. This ‘stopping’, the trace of…

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Feed the Soil, Firm the Root ~ GS41, 27th July 2021 (Transcription)

Pick the fruit – discard the root: you’ll have no tree next year. Feed the soil – firm the root: you’ll have fruit forever.This idea has much application to our approach to the Dharma. The soil represents the conditions that we build for our life.  Of course, not all conditions are under our control, but we do make choices and they do put us into situations; and some of these situations support our Dharma practice and some do not.When the Buddha was asked “What should one do?” he often said:…

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