The group Global Sangha emerged out of the experience of the pandemic starting in April 2020.

Global Sangha is
 - a nembutsu sangha, which means that it follows a broadly other power style of Buddhism centred upon invocation of Tathagatas, especially Amitabha Buddha (Amida Nyorai).  
- a shravaka sangha, in which the most active members are followers of the teachings of Dharmavidya David Brazier, the teacher/lama/sensei.
- an international fellowship of a wide range of people from many countries who are interested in the teachings &/or do the practice &/or attend the courses offered

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  • It's time for all the Buddhists come together for the Gloval Sangha!  It's a great idea and I believe it will succeed.

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PODCAST GS63 2022 0330 The therapy of Kisagotami

Transcript by Helen evanfé In the sutras we read the story of Kisagotami. Kisagotami comes to the Buddha, "Please heal my child," she begs. Clearly in the mind of Kisagotami the child is sick, but not dead. The Buddha, however, can see that the child is dead. The Buddha perceives both how the world appears in Kisagotami's eyes, and also perceives the fact. However the Buddha does not say, "the child is dead". The Buddha sends Kisagotami to get medicines for the child, but he does so in such a…

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Fe a largo plazo ~ Podcast GS55 en español

Podcast GS55: 21 de diciembre de 2021: traducido por Nando Maril La pandemia llegó a Europa hace unos 20 meses, a China, algo antes. Ya han pasado dos años completos desde que comenzó la pandemia.Al principio, hubo un confinamiento estricto en muchos países, pero también la sensación de que esto terminaría pronto. Esa expectativa no se ha cumplido. La pandemia todavía está con nosotros y no hay perspectivas inmediatas de que llegue a su fin.Se escucha mucho sobre el cansancio y la frustración…

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Facilitador ~ Podcast GS54 en español

Podcast GS54: 23 de noviembre de 2021: traducido por Nando MarilHe pasado toda mi vida adulta tratando de profundizar mi comprensión del Dharma. Esto me ha llevado a ser facilitador de los demás, haciendo sus exploraciones, siguiendo su camino, que nunca es idéntico al mío. De hecho, en el mundo fenoménico, nada es nunca idéntico a nada. No hay dos piedras iguales en una pared, ni dos briznas de hierba, ni dos llamas en un fuego.Entonces, surge una especie de pregunta: ¿Cómo puede una persona…

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Podcast GS55 2021 1221 Faith Long Term

The pandemic came to Europe about 20 months ago, to China, somewhat earlier. Two whole years have now passed since the pandemic began.  At the beginning, there was a strict lockdown in many countries but also a sense that this will soon be over. That expectation has not been borne out. The pandemic is still with us and there’s no immediate prospect of it coming to an end.  One hears a good deal of people’s tiredness and frustration with the restrictions that have been necessary, even though…

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