I almost always have a cereal of some kind. I particularly like porridge - that’s what you call "oatmeal" if you are American - and have it about every third day. There are a lot of opinions about porridge. The original Scottish variety is made entirely with water and salt, but many people nowadays add other things. I put in salt, no sweetener, but then use half water, half milk and sometimes add cinnamon and/or dried fruit. This morning it was dried cranberries and sultanas. The longer you cook it the smoother it gets. As it is pretty filling all I needed afterwards was a big juicy orange. I generally eat at least one orange a day. There is always a bowl of them on my kitchen table and they go down well any time, especially when you come in thirsty from work in the afternoon.

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This morning: freshly picked black currents boiled with a little sugar, topped with muesli and Greek style yoghurt. Very nice. Followed by a croissant or two. Life is hard here in the country.



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