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  • Yes, too good you Jnanamati!! Jnanamati, family and I had a lovely extended coffee session sitting beside the Severn. Lovely family and lovely to see him. Namo Amida Bu, Jan

  • Nice to see that Jnanamati has now got a web site for his art therapy

    Jnañamati Williams, Art Psychoherapist
  • Thank you for the inviting me. These conferences sound very interesting.

  • Thank you for inviting me to join this group, David. Though I did not attend the Conference, I am very interested in the subject. I look forward to the discussions in this space. With warm wishes, 

    Namo Amida Bu

  • Thank You for being a Part of this community dear David!
  • Hello friends. It is a pleasure to join this group  and to have the opportunity of reviewing and sharing what this conference has been.

    I feel deeply grateful for having attended, in spite of the long journey, this was a very special experience for me. It is always exciting and very interesting to exchange with people coming from many different parts of the world and see how we are feeling, what we are thinking about, how we are working...

    The different sharings and presentations gave me a sensation of softness and openness, a growing attention to body and heart..Unfortunately I could not stay until the end since, after the Refuge ceremony, I felt in need of being by myself for a day..Anyway I want to express my gratitude for the excellent organization, for the great kindness and help I received from everybody, for the good work of the different speakers who inspired me with the different approaches, and I specially would like to express my gratitude to Dharmavidya for having made possible that time so deeply special for me.

    Namo Amida Bu

  • In the shared folder on Dropbox I gave places copies of the photos I took during the conference. These include many shots of the abby itself and some obscure places. There are a few short video clips including a portion of the refuge ceremony. There is also a short clip of the evening mist settling on the grounds and the evening warbling of the birds along the roof and in the trees. At the end of that clip one bird alights onto the grass from the tree.
  • Thanks for invitation.  We Korean fellows may want to participate in the next conference as the program developes.  If you have further summary of the 2017 Belgium Conference, please share it with us too. Thank you again!

  • Thanks to everyone who attended the conference. Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new people.  Great range of topics, just sorry we could not attend the whole conference and missed saying goodbye to lots of folks.  Now have some new Facebook friends so will hear about interests and exploits. 

  • Thank you - I look forward to hearing more about the conference.

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This is a piece I wrote in August 2012 Somebody showed me a piece of writing about how counselling and Buddhism relate to one another that suggests that counselling is only really appropriate for people who have not yet discovered the true Dharma path. I am myself a follower of the Dharma, but I find that kind of approach less than helpful. Of course, I agree with some of the points made about the great value of Buddhist teaching in helping people to progress spiritually, but that to me, means…

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When I originally learnt psychotherapy, psychoanalysis was the dominant force and its arch foe was behaviourism. Freud had claimed to offer the first scientific psychology. The behaviourists came along with what they claimed was really scientific. Humanistic methods were also on the rise and were a reaction against both the established antagonists. Humanists such as Rogers, Maslow and Perls stressed human potential and personal growth. In reality all of these three movements added to human…

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There is a good deal of concern these days that psychotherapy should be “evidence based”. This has led to a neglect of, for instance, psychoanalysis. I cannot help thinking that this development is a mistake. When I think of the kind of psychotherapy that I do, I am at a loss to understand what the “evidence” could be. For sure, there is evidence in every case, but it is never of the same kind from case to case. In case A it is success if the client is less sad and more cheerful. In case B it…

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Thinking about psychotherapy I notice that there is an important distinction to be made about two different viewpoints or perspectives. Similar comments can be made about spiritual practice and, no doubt, some other domains of human knowledge. I call these two perspectives the inside view and the outside view. The two are non-commensurable. You cannot readily jump from one to the other and clinging to one can be the bane of the other, a problem which, in my view, is destroying psychotherapy as…

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