There are rumours that the next conference in 2019 or 2020 might be in Netherlands and/or China. Watch this space. But it all depends on you too. If you have ideas or want to be involved/help do contact Jnanamati or comment below on this topic.

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Netherlands sounds for me very good. China would be a real challenge i guess- although there are some people in Peking who are working with Christopher Germer on mindfulness and self compassion. But they have to declare this kind of gathering as a Part of a Family care programm. Psychotherapy is still not easy in China and Buddhism has to be compatible with the political order of the government. I really hope to be Part of this next ITZI conference: Thank You so much for make It possible!

Thank you Francoise. I look forward to having you involved.

ITZI Conference 2019: I hear rumour of Bretagne in France as another possibility.

Oh, this place would be my favorite!!!:)

will do, thank you

I  will be in Asia in 2020 and hope to go to China. Not sure what I can do to help, but am willing. 



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