Waking from drug sleep tangled night,

sahara mind extending to incognita

ripples round a fire still burning

at the back behind the ears;

flames curl over the scalp,

here and there exploding

pointlessly, above my eye

or inside the ear.

My teeth feel as if they are about to depart.

I do not have the energy to weep.

A cup of tea, English solace,

and caresses from the cat.

Is it time to take another pill yet?

I string my lament on a chain of prayer,

some steadiness

mid of the sulphurous storm,

no end in sight.

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Feeling with you, Namo Amida Bu

Hope pain will soon leave

Feeling with you and wishing you find relieve very soon, dear David.


Namo Amida Bu

Wishing you courage and strength to move through difficult times. May peace and love surround you as you heal.

Love & Blessings,


Thank you, Vajra, Nati and Mo

Thinking of you this morning - sending love

thank you



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