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A haiku is a 17 syllable poem, generally consisting of three lines with 5-7-5 syllables respectively. Normally the final line gives a twist or "turn" to the meaning or makes a reference to the season of the year. Traditionally, in Japan, haiku were often about the moon, clouds, cherry blossom, the wonders of nature, especially anything beautiful yet transient, which could also be symbolic reference to some spiritual experience. Modern haiku can be about almost anything, but the brief, succinct form does work better for some things than others and the "turn" can be the all important element.

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Rocks in my garden
multiply faster than weeds
so now I build walls.

November is warm as June:
tee shirts in autumn.

In the odd moment,
singing out the Holy Name -
did my heart just stop?

Faster and faster
The mind runs on with worries
Stop, breathe, drink tea

In this solitude
the earth is a true lover
giving me red roses.

Downstream tranquil waters
enter a narrow ravine;
or is that my heart?

After the rapids
all is stillness once again
above the dark depths.

The shadows are long
as the sun goes down at last
inviting great peace.

Night time is coming,
the dark spirits are waking,
brew them some good tea.

Gate to compassion,
are you open or closed?
Swinging in the wind.

So many blossoms,
don’t try to keep an account,
just smell the fragrance.

Look into his eyes
then he will eat you for sure,
every last morsel.

Eaten by tiger,
carried by the gentle ox,
time now for a nap.

Blue moon emerging
from out of the typhoon cloud
wears an orange robe.

Seoul 31st July 2015

Two handsome young men
"You look happy and tired"
Both smile back at me

My cats waits for my
return to eat, greeting me—
now purring purring

Eating strawberries
Holding tight to a high branch
Tiger waits below

Hearing Spirit Bird
Dancing in my new red shoes
Everyone bouncing

Hiking with Karen
Leaves crunching beneath our feet
A crisp autumn day

Downy woodpecker
pecks insects from the old tree
Glowing afternoon

Evening concert is
so loud I use earplugs but
still dance joyfully

Cat after dinner,
washing herself on the bed
curled and purring

Looking for parking
stranger gives me her ticket
Still two hours left

Everywhere you look
there are lovers waiting: man,
woman, sun, rain, earth

I feel so grateful
for my shoes, my cat, the sun
Precious fragile world

I feel so grateful
For my ears, my eyes, my heart
Delicious feelings

I hope to sleep soon
Spend a long night making love
to luminous stars

The blue moon rises
over the mossy stone wall,
grazing intently

I forget sometimes
You are a luminous star
waiting there for me

I collect the stars
In a wheelbarrow of night
fill our pond with gems

Slipping from the clouds
The moon wears an orange robe
lined with blue silk stars

When will winter come -
butterflies in November!
Takers for croquet?

Red apples for pie
Golden sun shining, cold crisp
Warm kitchen, sweet crust

Flying South

Time flying by me
thoughts nosily flocking south
headed to new worlds.

This world, other worlds -
your prayers are embracing me
keeping me flying.

Writer writing words
flowing them fast, furious
painting empty space.

Embracing empty space
some days it seems dogs have wings
even in this world

Even in this world
dogs fly by wearning hats and
singing opera

Opera nature -
Has the dog got it, by chance?
- just an old mu joke.

If there's space for me
under the wings of the dog
I'll eat my old hat.

This world embraces
the singer who is flying
free from her traces.

Opera language?

Twirling dancers always spin,

so thinking falls down

Once down, traces leave

an eons old mind tossing out

Unnecessary stuff


Creating open space

Boundaries dissolve

Revealing, empty.



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