Over my bridges flows the tide ;

    it does not wait nor pause.

    Like the waves that beat my heart

    and beat and beat until we part,

    while I remember fine amours

    and loves that lingered by my side.

    The love remains when I am gone

    yet Time, impatient, courses on,

    Over my castles the hours sound;.

    they take their turn but never wait.

    I am soon gone yet time remains

    with joy and woe and ceaseless pains

    for every lover meets their fate

    no matter how the love is bound.

    The love remains when I am gone

    yet Time, impatient, courses on,

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    Namo Amida Bu

    David Brazier said:

    Nice. Thank you.

    Diana Hoagland said:

  • Nice. Thank you.

    Diana Hoagland said:

  • 9108764277?profile=originalSo many melodies have I heard in a cardinal's chirp.

    How can I remain silent when the Pure Land comforts me on these lonely nights?

    Oh how I long to touch the warmth of your arms around?

    I too followed the snails, the slugs and the butterflies.

    Tell me great bell that permeates my soul,

    How will the words in the forests dance as we celebrate new beginnings chopping down rough branches blocking the way to the fire and insense burning in our first kiss?

    Oh grace, will you move to silently entering the Garden of Bliss?

    That Bamboo runs my fingers towards the summoning of love making outside in the rain, you know that place, where no else dare to go.

    Building the sky, our dreams enter reality as a caressing stare between us says, we've finally found home.

    Be sure we'll meet again, even if only on questions burning an alter in the sand, so our love is, as sacred as a tide that rewrites Eternity on hearts destined to arrive into the precious wings of Compassion

  • Shared Garden- Mother

    Lover of beauty and care

    And little things,

    Lover of joy and sorrow,

    God fills your heart

    And it overflows to all around.

    Damned by the Godless,

    I am too afraid to open to it,

    Yet here it is

    In a tiny house

    In a shared garden of flowers and birds.

  • Thanks Elja :-)
  • Here is a beautiful poem about Love. I didn't wrote it myself, but I like to share it. It is written by my friend Carol English

    Love doesn't freeze very well

    Pain is a hard knot
    Wrapped neatly in brown butcher paper
    you can pack it away in the freezer
    for years

    But love
    love leaves crumbs on the furniture
    It makes the doorknobs sticky
    All kinds of ridiculous stuff leaks out of it
    insecurity and slugs and fish guts
    that get stuck to the edges of everything
    Even laughter

    Love follows you around
    Poking and prodding
    and trying to get your attention
    when you have work to do

    Love is damned inconvenient

    Love is a galloping horse
    Banging your arse up through your eyes
    and dumping you on the ground
    If you aren't seated just right

    To contain love
    (If you're without suitable armor)
    You can try cling film and a lot of duct tape
    I wish you luck
    but think it only fair to warn you that
    no matter how carefully you prepare it
    or what you wrap it in
    Unlike pain
    Love doesn't freeze very well



    My heart is much more constant than my brain.
    The heart moves slowly, considerately.
    The mind darts, there, here, there again,
    while the monarch of my being moves sedately.
    It takes time to form affections in the deep,
    though the maverick winsome mind is lightly slick
    the truest sentiments, the ones we keep,
    not only penetrate one's substance to the quick
    but consume the very stuff that one is made of
    arranging every particle and showing
    that all the colours that one has a shade of
    can animate and set each other glowing.
    My brain is much more fickle than my heart
    though each has jobs and errands to perform,
    each conscientious in carrying its part
    makes glory of traversing life’s great storm.


    I could ,

    I'm sure I could ,

    I get side tracked ,

    My head tells me one way ,

    My heart tells me more ,

    Still I am longing ,

    To get to the place 

    That holds me so close

    And makes my heart race ,

    Where is this paradise

    That I long to be part 

    It smells very close 

    But keeps me afar 

    Soon I will break through 

    The blocks and the wall 

    That leads to my paradise 

    Where love waits at the door .



    You were here!

    Long before

    I saw you,

    it was your voice                               

    I hear


    so near


    Words saved

    as seeds,

    as questions

    hidden in my heart

    solid as a rock




    I was to far

    from home

    a force like fire


    this solid safe



    Rainy season came a long

    rinsed your words


    and start to sing a song.


    In that present moment

    I saw you sing this song

    You sung about love so deeply,

    a song about

    Kwan Yin

    Longing I start to sing.

    And in this magic moment,

    a moment I felt

    so much,

    we where singing together

    whole hearted,

    in touch


    Yes a heart is opened,

    but often


    afraid for ‘the’


    in stead of wondering


     When the blackbird is singing

    he comforts me

    through my ears,


    songs of love and longing

    telling me

    ‘dry up your tears’,


    And when I hear his song

    I can hear you singing,

     this song



    ‘calling me home’,




    the pure land

     I belong.


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