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In a dream I saw four mountains

with a valley in between.

In the valley lay a lake

of crystal water, deep and clean.


Somewhere hidden on this fell

there lived a hermit rarely seen

who mingling with the mist and cloud

left no trace where he had be

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When I feel profoundly lonely, even among those who love me,
And I fly over a deep abyss with wings painfully expanded –
Quan Shi Yin quickly rises into the air,
Because her thousand eyes have spotted me up in the sky.
Tactfully she invites me in

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My garden is full of weeds,
yet some of them are attractive
if you have the eye
to appreciate their special qualities.

My mind is full of stray thoughts,
yet some of them
are not so crazy
when you take a second glance.

My life is a patchwork of many agend

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Ode to the trees

Laying down on startled grass. I imagine the trees talking in spurts. They say this is my home undaunted, Survival depends on the rains. Yet, you'll not lay down near me when my soil(soul) is wet. Yet, I say I do not abandon you. I simply get too flo

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Now, suddenly, the season turns;
the ice and winter rain have gone away;
Sun rises sooner, greens the ferns,
bids the world wake, rise, work and play.

Precociously, the spring-like air
now full conveys the scent of daffodil
dissolving stiff tension, dispe

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I do not have time,
yet time has me
What an embarrassment
that can be - my life
unfolding free, easily,
ticking along,
each day a miracle song.

I watch the clouds
hanging over the trees
and time somehow
puts up with me,
breezily at ease,
doing as I please,

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Flowers under foot,
clouds in the sky.
Here, in between,
I savour solitude.
They are busy with their business,
while I am merely watching,
listening, with nothing to wait for.

There is a weighty stillness
inside of me
as of a hunk of old granite
in the

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The Himalaya gleaming
can be seen from Katmandu
the smog has cleared away -
it’s gone,
the dust, the grime, the humans too,
it’s all gone quiet on the street
the dogs are asleep in the sun
that shines in the clear air above
now the cars and planes have gone.

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A finger pointing at the sky.
Do you know the reason why?
Do you want to live or die?
Do you hear the people cry?
When they come to sing “Hallelujah!”,
riding in the voodoo Sin Street car,
waves come crashing on the harbour bar,
you’ll be swinging on the P

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Waking from drug sleep tangled night,

sahara mind extending to incognita

ripples round a fire still burning

at the back behind the ears;

flames curl over the scalp,

here and there exploding

pointlessly, above my eye

or inside the ear.

My teeth feel

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The friendly teller of healing tales
holds out a hand, hoists the sails,
temptation is a tender touch,
take a slice, but not too much.
Sages, ages, pirates and souls,
bananas and oranges, roasting hot coals,
wear your best, the tangerine,
say it soft, but s

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