I am in some heavenly place
A tree house where the storms are gathering on the mountain
and the river rushes in bright torrents over the rocks far below
The day has has just ended
and an early night breeze blows through the open walls
as pools of light fall and shift through the clouds,
emptying slowly from the sky

There is nothing here to keep the living world out
and I lie gratefully in the embrace of the soft night,
in the arms of the wind and the deep darkness
I am enveloped by the sound of the river and the rain
My body is a new land for small flying insects
while my heart is becoming a new land for this animal that
I am coming to know

The thunder is approaching
with drums and song
announcing night
Fire over water
Thunder over mountain
The leopard waits in the shadows
The water buffalo waits at the bottom of the rapids
raising his horns from the bright-dark cool water
and stepping forward as slowly and gracefully underwater
as a four-legged ballerina king
in a palace built of water and sky

Now the rain is drumming harder on the roof
A deluge of drunken river water risen from the valley
through the clouds to pour itself into itself again
All the sounds of the world are here in this rain
All notes, all chords, all symphonies and drunken cacophonies,
all lullabies, all songs,
all rhythms drumming themselves in and out of time

Posted 8 November 2015


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