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Magic City

Yesterday we had a good meeting to reflect on the Lotus Sutra. We read the Parable of the Magic City (Chapter VII), meditated on it and had an interesting discussion afterwards.
We meet every Wednesday from 14:00 - 15:00 (Rome). Do join us!  More inf

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When I feel profoundly lonely, even among those who love me,
And I fly over a deep abyss with wings painfully expanded –
Quan Shi Yin quickly rises into the air,
Because her thousand eyes have spotted me up in the sky.
Tactfully she invites me in

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Butterflies of Eleusis

There are countless butterflies at Eleusis. Lavender, roses, lilacs along with wild flowers and herbs spread a fine, irresistible fragrance throughout the garden and forest. It is such a delight to interrupt the work and watch these beautiful, dreaml

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Being on Pilgrimage

On his spiritual quest Siddhartha Gautama wandered many years in Northern India to spend time with teachers and even after his Great Awakening, the Buddha remained a mendicant. Towards the end of his life the Buddha said to Ananda: “There are these f

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