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Dharma Ocean Class

In this morning's on-line Dharma Ocean Class we read the first third of the Contemplation Sutra and discussed the imagery and embedded teachings.  The sutra's vivid imagery and drama stays with one.  

It was also gratifying to hear members report how

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In the evening calm, white on blue, rippled cloud,
as sand is corrugated by the churning of sea water,
or the ladder makes its shadow on the white-washed wall.
The birds are flying homeward, the sun is going down,
the cat is sitting soberl

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A Pleasant Summer Day


These days, here at Eleusis, we are passing some time enjoying the garden and writing poetry, eating meals outside and chanting sutras into the evening.  Yesterday, in the afternoon, we visited the Parc Floral at Vernais, a fine garden open to the p

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Il Gruppo Italiano è uno spazio di condivisione e di pratica. Ci incontriamo ogni due settimane sulla piattaforma zoom per la pratica del nembutsu e per la meditazione. E' un piccolo gruppo di persone che vivono in città diverse, che si è formato

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My garden is full of weeds,
yet some of them are attractive
if you have the eye
to appreciate their special qualities.

My mind is full of stray thoughts,
yet some of them
are not so crazy
when you take a second glance.

My life is a patchwork of many agend

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This is my translation as it appears in my book The Dark Side of the Mirror/ Forgetting the self in Dogen's Genjo Koan

1. Birth and death, practice and daily life, delusion and enlightenment, ordinary beings and all the Buddhas; such is the Buddhas’s

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Now, suddenly, the season turns;
the ice and winter rain have gone away;
Sun rises sooner, greens the ferns,
bids the world wake, rise, work and play.

Precociously, the spring-like air
now full conveys the scent of daffodil
dissolving stiff tension, dispe

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I do not have time,
yet time has me
What an embarrassment
that can be - my life
unfolding free, easily,
ticking along,
each day a miracle song.

I watch the clouds
hanging over the trees
and time somehow
puts up with me,
breezily at ease,
doing as I please,

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Global Sangha Newsletter 8: Full Retreat Programme

Retreat Programme
Bodhi Retreat Programme
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Global Sangha Newsletter 8: 7th December 2020
Changed World ~ Global Sangha

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