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It is good to pray. There are many ways and many meanings and I shall describe a few. When you organise your living quarters, make sure you include a place for holy things. When you arrange your garden, create places for contemplation that are inviti

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TUESDAY 22 Mar pm ~ Moon & Fire

1148764050?profile=RESIZE_320x320It has been a sunny day here and we have been outside as much as possible, sometimes working, sometimes relaxing, often talking about the events in Brussels and the state of the world. Elja was gardening and cooking. Adam and Josephine did more work

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TUESDAY 22 Mar am. Peace and War

Here at Eleusis we are enjoying lovely sunshine. Over breakfast we watched the robin and identified other birds as we ate our cereals under the walnut tree. At the moment, Elja is working in the front garden and Josephine and Adam are laying paving s

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TAO TE CHING: Ch 2 Part One

天 下 皆 知 美 之 為 美
斯 惡 已 。
皆 知 善 之 為 善
斯 不 善 已 。

That everybody sees beauty as beautiful
is not beautiful.
That everybody sees goodness as good
is not good.

Old Chinese is very succinct and therefore, to an extent, ambiguous. Several other ways in

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I wanted to explain more about the I Ching, So I thought the best way was to let the oracle speak for itself.

To use the oracle, one casts a hexagram. There is a complex method using yarrow stalks and a simpler method using coins. I always use the

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1148764223?profile=RESIZE_320x320Woodland Management on Sunny Days

The weather has been kind to us. The mornings are frosty and bright gradually giving way to sunshine. We work in the woods or inside, but the lure of the good weather keeps one outside much of he time.I have taken to

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In Japan there is currently a good deal of debate about pornography. Manga are comics. Back in the 1980s a woman called Keiko Takemiya brought out a comic series called The Poem of Wind and Trees that includes sex of all kinds. There is an article on

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TUESDAY 15 Mar ~ The Ides of March

I have spent much of today reading the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare which has been a pleasant thing to do, especially this morning sitting in the sunshine. Later it got a bit cooler and by the end of the day I was sitting inside by the f

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Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar has many memorable lines, but none more so than “Beware the Ides of March.” As it is, today, the 15th of March, I would like to highlight one of the most important themes of the play, which is the dilemma of Brutus.


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MONDAY 14 Mar ~ Robin & Rabbit

Jonah Outdoors
What a lovely day! It was our first day this year to eat breakfast outside. There had been a frost and there was still a chill in the air, but the sun was up and warming my back. As I ate my breakfast I saw rabbits venturing out of the

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SATURDAY 12 Mar ~ A Day of Musing

1148762786?profile=RESIZE_320x320I spent much of today on my own, some of it writing and some of it doing light work in the Aphrodite field. I walked across there at the end of a grey morning. At this time of year the path is full of tiny violets - an Aphrodite flower. As I entered

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Answers to appear in a few days time...

1. What flowers do we have on our shrine at the moment?

2. Which of the following prickly plants grow at La Ville au Roi (Eleusis):
(a) thistle, (b) blackthorn, (c) wild rose, (d) hawthorne, (e) cactus?

3. Whic

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FRIDAY 11 Mar ~ Sunshine

At breakfast we discussed the issues of teacher and disciple. Adam had memories of previous discussions here on similar topics from a couple of years ago. Elja was pleased to see that there have been some good responses to her article which also appe

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QUESTION: Can we think of Amida as mother?


LONGER ANSWER: Buddhas can appear in whatever form is necessary to save sentient beings, so can certainly appear as mother. However, one has to be careful in designing one's own Buddha beca

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TAO TE CHING Chapter 1

道 可 道 , 非 常 道 。
名 可 名 , 非 常 名 。

The tao that you can tao is not the enduring Tao
Names that you can name are not the enduring Name

無 名 天 地 之 始
有 名 萬 物 之 母 。

Without name is the origin of Heaven and Earth
Having names is the mother of the myriad thi

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THURSDAY 10 Mar ~ A Medical Day

Dentistry - green not pink
This morning we went to the medical centre. Firstly, I saw the dentist. A filling that I had had put in in England in December came out just before my admission to hospital and there had been no opportunity in the midst of

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