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I CHING: The Book of Change

The I Ching is one of the oldest books in the world. It is a book of divination that has been used throughout Chinese history. It is important to Taoists and Confucians especially. The book embodies a traditional wisdom and has an uncanny ability to

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Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu is regarded as the founder of Taoism. According to tradition, he was an older contemporary of Confucius, and, perhaps, also of Buddha. Lao Tzu and Confucius are considered the two greatest sages of China and tit is recorded that they m

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WEDNESDAY 2nd Mar ~ Cast not a Clout


1148766800?profile=RESIZE_480x480There is a north of England saying, "cast not a clout til the may is out." It means, don't cast off your winter coat until the may tree is in flower, and at the moment our may trees show not the slightest sign of life, which is no wonder. The

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MONDAY 29 Feb ~ Needle and Thorn

It's that extra day today, 29th February. I thought it fun that the Eleusis site happened to have 108 members today and Leap year has 366 days and 3x6x6=108, so there is a bit of numerology for you!

It's Monday which, at the moment, is the day that t

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SUNDAY 28 Feb ~ A Life of Pottering

Little by Little
1148767739?profile=RESIZE_320x320My motto at the moment is "Little by little." It is a life of pottering. A bit of this and a bit of that. I can do many things but only for short periods. Walking is good. It keeps the circulation going, especially in the legs. I wal

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When Siddhartha Gotama became enlightened and so became Shakyamuni Buddha what he realised was dependent origination, pratitya samutpada. Consequently, the precise meaning of dependent origination has been a subject of debate throughout Buddhist hist

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QUESTION: I am confused about the location of the Pure Land in time.  In some things I read, it seems to be located in the future, after death, when one "goes to" the Pure Land to become fully enlightened (and then returns to serve all sentient being

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This is a group for sharing information, stories and lore about plants, including their medicinal, magical, sacred, and mythical properties, histories, poetry and charm.

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QUESTION: I watched a TV programme recently that featured a rape. it really affected me and one thing that struck me was how would it be for someone who has faith in Pureland to contemplate that the perpetrator of violence against them could also ent

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In our modern times of academic disciplines that count it a virtue to be value neutral and clinically distant from their subject matter, philosophy has tended to become an abstract and abstruse intellectual game which the ordinary person has great d

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SUNDAY 21 Feb ~ Sunshine at Last

Today has felt like the first spring day. We have had periods of warm sunshine and it has been he first day of the year in which we have had our coffee break outdoors and have not lit a fire in our bedroom. The warmer weather has brought new activity

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SATURDAY 20th ~ Departures

Today Damian, Susthama, Selena and Dorian left after breakfast to make the journey back to their home in Watford in England. They are in the process of buying a new apartment and need to be in UK in order to handle the legal and financial tasks. Eleu

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In today’s teaching I would like to look critically at some of the principles, often taken as self-evident, that underpin much of our thinking about ethics.

There is, for instance, the so called golden rule, treat others as you would yourself be trea

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THURSDAY 18 Feb ~ Frailty and Health

Today we woke up to snow, just a sprinkling. It looked very pretty. The day continued mostly rather cold. Later we had rain and then again in the evening more snow.

1148767404?profile=RESIZE_480x480Between these various showers I managed to get out and get a bit of exercise for thre

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QUESTION: A sangha member recently asked, 'if Honen's teachings are so simple, why are our services so complicated?' As the sangha member noticed, our services have lots of words, bells in the right places, and ritual. How does this fit with the simp

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May Eirene Reign Long

A question that is of perennial concern is that of whether world peace is possible and whether real peace is sustainable. Many utopians have advanced ideas about better ways of organising society or at least establishing limited alternative communiti

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Days here are full of life. This morning the nurse arrived to take a sample of my blood while we were all sitting round having breakfast. I'm looking forward to getting back the lab result because this will tell something about what difference it has

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SUNDAY 14 Feb ~ Happy Household


1148757934?profile=RESIZE_320x320Full House
Eleusis is full. Susthama, Damian and their two chilren, Selena and Dorian have joined us so the place is a-buzz with activity and little voices. Together we have done a certain amount of reorganisation of rooms and spaces. We are g

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