Hello. I am David Brazier. Eleusis is my home. It is not a public facility, institution, or a "centre". It is not available to hire for events or for third party meetings. However, I feel very privileged to live in this wonderful place and I like to welcome friends to stay. Sometimes quite a lot of people come and you are all very welcome. The following information may help make your visit more successful.

If you are interested in coming to visit or stay, please message me on this site or e-mail me at dharmavidya@fastmail.fm giving details of the dates you wish to come and whether you are travelling by car, train or other means, whether you want to stay in the house or are bringing a tent, and what you are hoping for from your visit.

Eleusis is a magical place full of beautiful surprises. A place where you can hear nature breathe and touch the infinite in the tiny details of growing life.

What to Bring
- Casual clothes, warm in winter, light in summer
- Comfortable shoes for walking or working (wellies or boots in winter)
- Work gloves for gardening or other activities
- Sheets, pillowcase; (blankets & towels can be provided. We have some sheets. check in advance if you would like to travel light)
- A sleeping bag is needed if you are camping or in winter
- A torch
- Tent if camping
- Medical or other insurance as desired; from UK: apply for a European insurance card from your post office

Depending on the activities you are going to be doing, you may also want to bring:
- Musical instruments or art materials
- Meditation cushion (there are cushions here, but you may prefer your own)
- Sports or play materials including swimming things, as we have lakes nearby
I have usually got some spare work clothes, extra jumpers and such-like if you need them.

If you have unwanted equipment you would like to contribute, we can generally make good use of bedding, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, cloth, cushions; tents, mats, carpets, bikes; gardening, masonry or woodworking tools. 

If you have special needs of any kind, let me know and I'll do what I can.

Accommodation: There are shared rooms in the house, smaller single rooms in outbuildings, and camping. There is one meditation hut for individual retreats, and I hope to build more one day. The accommodation is basic, fine for summer, challenging in the colder months.

Practice: The style and quantity of spiritual practice here varies depending upon the event taking place at a particular time. There may be meditation, chanting, and various rituals, both Buddhist and centred on the different goddesses. The Buddha Hall is open to the air and allows us to experience the natural elements in a very immediate way. It can be quite magical to see martins fly in and out or watch the moon rise in front of the entrance throwing its light onto the candle lit shrine. Around the land, there are areas dedicated to  Demeter (Earth Mother), Artemis (Diana), Aphrodite (Venus) and Eirene (Goddess of Peace), Athena-Minerva, and Hera.

Community: When a number of us gather together here we become a community, work together and have regular gatherings for sharing experience. If you want to see me individually for private sessions, that is also often possible.

Ethics: No meat or alcohol on site, please. Respect living things. Don't kill. Don't steal. Behave responsibly and think of the common good.

Cost: If you come for a course, there is a fee for the course. Otherwise, anybody who comes here comes as my guest. Please make a financial contribution as you see fit. If you want a recommendation, then between 20 and 50 euros per day full board in July and August, less at other times.


SAFETY: Please work and play in ways that are sensitive to the environment as well as the safety of yourself and others. I hope you explore and enjoy, but I cannot be liable for any accidents that result, so please take care, especially if working with gardening, wood cutting, or building tools. Power tools and dangerous and these, as well as chemicals, should not be used by any visitor except with my specific permission, and then only with suitable protective clothing. Anyone using such tools does so at their own risk. Access to tools and other equipment is not permitted for under 16s unless accompanied by an adult, and should, in any case, be kept to functional purposes.

CHILDREN: Children are welcome by arrangement. There is plenty of space, and it is a healthy life, but the countryside can also be dangerous, so, depending on age, children need supervision and, mostly, that falls to the parents, which may restrict their time for participation in other activities. Although other visitors are often happy to help out with childcare, you cannot rely on it. Also, since some people come here for quiet retreats I think it is usually best if families camp. That way they can have some family time and privacy.

PHONE & INTERNET: The international phone number is +, but it does not work very well and only works for local outgoing calls. Better to contact me by e-mail and when you are here please use your mobile or Skype. We have wi-fi in the house or there are internet cafes in local towns.

LOCAL TRANSPORT: There are no local bus services, so if you want to explore the area, do consider bringing a car or hiring one. If you can offer lifts from UK or elsewhere please let me know in good time and I'll try to put you in touch with people who would like to share costs when appropriate. As we are off the beaten track, having a car is useful for getting to the lake or local villages and places of interest.


BY CAR FROM UK: From Calais (aprox 8hrs drive). Autoroute from Calais to Paris (toll). From Paris: Periferique interieur (clockwise) to Porte d'Italie, A6 (signed Lyons) then A77 Autoroute des Arbres to St Pierre le Moutier, which is south of Nevers, then approach Amida via Sancoins. Alternatively, from Calais, take the A28 to Rouen then south through Evreux, Dreux and Chartres and then join the A10 and follow autoroutes via Orleans & Bourges to St Amand (although this is slightly further the time is about the same as you miss Paris and it has the benefit of lower tolls and of passing a number of fine cathedral towns).

Finding us by car: Find Bessais le Fromental on the road between St Amand Montrond and Sancoins. In Bessais leave main road on north side. Enter the village square (with church). Take the road beside (right of) the church and turn left into "D" road out of village. Follow this half a mile, before taking a right fork (the second) signed to Ville au Roi. This takes you down hill before winding over a stream and disused canal. You will see a house ahead of you which belongs to our neighbour. If you turn immediately after it, you will find yourself facing Eleusis. If you can offer anyone a lift, let us know and we'll try to match you up with someone who needs transport.

BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: UK to Paris: Air lines; Rail: Eurostar; Coach: (cheapest) Eurolines. Check you have time to cross Paris and catch the train. Last train leaves Paris about 6.00pm.

From Paris: Train from Paris Austerlitz to St Amand Montrond Orval (Montlucon line, some change at Vierzon). Beware there are 17 St Amands in France. Use the whole name and so get the right one! Phone for lift from station and I'll come and get you.

Accommodation in Paris: (recommended by other visitors)
Centres International de Paris: Comfortable hostels, small rooms
- Paris Louvre, 20, Rue JJ Rousseau, 1er quartier. tel:
- Paris Opera, 11 Rue Therese, 1er tel:
- Paris les Halles, 5 rue du Pelican, 1er tel:
- Paris Quartier Latin, 44 Rue des Bernavdins, 5me tel: (Nr Austelitz Stn)
Mike's Hotel, 122 Boulevard de la Chapelle, 75018, Paris Metro Barbes-Rochochauart line4
Hotel Place de Clichy, 71 Rue de Douai, 75009 tel: (nr champs Elyses)
Studios in Paris: The Kwan Um School of Zen has studios that they rent in Paris. You can find details of the studios at www.maisonzen.com or contact Grazyna Perl on +33 (0)1 44 87 08 13



It is best to change money at your own bank before leaving home, at a travel agency or in Paris, or you can draw cash on your debit card from a cash machine locally but local banks give poor rates for changing cash. I have no facilities for receiving money by credit cards.


Please book by email dharmavidya@fastmail.fm

address: Eleusis, La Ville au Roi, 18210 Bessais le Fromental, Cher, France

phone +44 (0)7786328916 (not always reliable) or text/sms: 00447786328916

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