This page gives a listing of Teachings with links. These teachings are no longer "Daily" but it is impossible to change the title on this program. Each teaching is stored in one or other of the Groups according to the topic. All items are by Dharmavidya David Brazier unless otherwise specified.



Podcasts: List of Podcasts sent out in July


Podcasts: List of podcasts sent out in June

27th Podcast transcription: Echoes of Amida

4th Podcast transcripion: Engagement and in German and in Dutch  


Podcasts: List of podcasts sent out in May

11th Podcast translation: Le Chemin vers Hometown (French)

5th Podcast transcription & translation: Living the Four Nobel Truths ion Time of Pandemic (English/Italian)

3rd Podcast translation: Toevlucht nemen (Dutch)


Podcasts: List iof podcasts sent out in April

23rd Podcast transcription & translation: What is Essential (English/Italian)

7th B - Dukkha is Inevitable
            (on the occasion of Boris Johnson, UKPM, being admitted to intensive care)


31st B - The Fragrance Gatha

30th B - On Being Busy

25th B - Dying, Death, Bardo, Birth, Return

23rd B - Faith in the midst of the fire

20th Q - Clarifying Nembutsu Practice

19th B - Amida Shu Basic Definitions

15th B - Shock and Grace

5th B - The Meaning of Mindfulness - Reply to Tineke

4th B - Unmodernising Buddhism


28th B - Nembutsu Ways

14th V - On Authenticity - video

9th B - I am a religious Buddhist

8th V - On Solitude - video

3rd B - Good Deeds Attract No Retribution

2nd B - Full Text of the Amida Kyo

1st B - Thus have I heard


30th B - Emptiness

16th B - Nembutsu - Simple Practice

13th V - Tenderness

7th B - Lu Shan Hui Yuan

4th B - Talmudic Dharma - Four in the Orchard



30th B - Nembutsu Verses

19th B - The question of exclusivism: Amidism is not monotheism

12th V - Authenticity versus Goal Orientation

11th G - Buddhism and Animals

5th V - Queen Vaidehi, Guilt, Shame and the Brahma Viharas ~ Acharya Susthama Kim

4th B - Post-Mappo Rediscover Innocence

3rd B - Paravritti (Part 8, final) Faith and Courage

2nd B - Paravritti (Part 7): Negation


29th B - Conceit

19th B - Amida Samadhi

18th B - Performing the Ritual of Life

17th B - Paravritti (Part 6): The bodhisattva

16th V - Mondo and Tao (95 second video)

15th B - Sincerity in Practice

14th B - Paravritti (Part 5): Shakyamuni

13th B - Paravritti (Part 4): The Buddha who Glances Back

12th V - Gateway to the Tao - video

11th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 42: Yi Wei

9th B - Paravritti (Part 3): Revulsion

7th B - Paravritti (Part 2): Faith and Confidence

6th B - Paravritti (Part 1): Turn Back

5th B - The History of Mondo - video

4th B - Really Wonderful


28th V - Why I Wrote a Book about Dogen's Genjo Koan - video

27th B - Point Mind and Three Lokas

25th B - Zen Is

24th B - Some Distinctive Amida Shu Points

23rd V - Dogen's Genjo Koan - video

7th B - Awareness of States

4th B - The Secular and the Psychological


28th E - Self-Care and Common Sense

22nd Q - Shunyata - Emptiness

21st B - Amida Shu Buddhism

20th I - The Therapeutic Element

19th I - The Wrong Evidence

18th I - Inside View, Outside View

17th B - Cool Not Cold

16th B - Homily to the Dragons - Refuge

15th I - Oneness and Difference in Psychotherapy

14th B - Homily to the Dragons - Kindness

1st B - The Truth about Craving


27th B - Shunyata as Aloneness

24th I - Some Thoughts about Zen Therapy

19th I - Zen Therapy Abilities

17th W - Doom and Small Hope

15th I - The Aim of Buddhist Psychology

14th B - Against Racism

12th T -  Tao Te Ching - Chapter 41: Seeming paradoxes

10th B - On Not Being In Control

9th B - Dhyana: What is real meditation?

8th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 40: Wu

7th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 39: Highest Renown is No Renown


28th B - How to Choose a Teacher

27th B - Anjin Makes the Path Easier

21st B - Koan and Anjin

18th B - One Nembutsu Leads to Many Nembutsu

16th B - Catalyst as a Way of Being

15th B - Some Points About Self Power and Other Power

12th B - Following the Calling

9th B - Torment

4th B - Shariputra Said


30th B - Two Types of Individuality

29th B - The Treasure of Religious Diversity

10th E - The Right Spirit


23er T - Tao te Ching - Chapter 38: The Best Te is not Te-ious

20th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 37: Unnamed Simplicity

12th B - Karma Pt 6: Giving it away

11th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 36: Realpolitik

7th B - Karma Pt 5: Non-appearance

5th T - Tao te Ching - Chapter 35: The elephant

2nd B - Karma Pt 4 - The Karmic Continuum

1st T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 34: The branching river


28th B - Karma Pt 3 - Ego and Anatma

27th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 33: Those who endure

26th B - With those who live the holy life

25th B - Karma Pt 2 - Bija and Alaya

22nd T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 32: Know when to stop

21st B - Karma Pt 1 - It is not simple

15th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 31: Weapons are Ominous

14th E - A Religious Person

12th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 30: Non-coercion

10th B - Bardo


22nd T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 28: The Dark Wisdom

17th B - Why Are You?

14th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 27: Following the Light

13th Th - Some Points on Buddhist Psychology

12th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 26: The Weight of Responsibility


26th B - On Not Underrating the Dharma

23rd T - Tao te Ching - Chapter 25: The Mother of Heaven and Earth

18th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 24: The Sickening Savour of Conceit

18th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 23: On Not Outdoing Heaven and Earth


28th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 22: Bent but Intact

13rd T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 21: Just thus

6th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 20: I alone am stupid

5th B - How the West Likes to Misread Buddhism

2nd T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 19: Give up holiness

1st T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 18: When the Tao is lost



31st T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 17: Best practice is unconscious

29th T - Tao Te Ching - Chapter 16

25th W - Prophesy

22nd B - Christmas Message

17th B - Silent Illumination

16th B - The Hypnotic Self

9th B - Three Jewels on Three Planes

6th B - Bodhi Day

4th B - Do not criticise, accept everything


29th B - Eka is Number One

26th B - Vehicle and Skilful Means

23rd B - Meditation with Nembutsu: Part 3/3

15th B - Meditation with Nembutsu: Part 2/3

11th B - Meditation with Nembutsu: Part 1/3

10th E - Dharma and Resistance to Social Injustice

7th B - Dharma in the Age of Darkness


27th B - Queen Vaidehi

10th B - Nirvana

7th Q - Sukhavati

5th B - Faith and Belief

3rd B - How Bencho Understood Honen

2nd T - Tao Te Ching chapter 15: Incompletionism


15th T - Tao Te Ching chapter 14


28th Q - Shinjin and Anjin

17th Q - How to Read a Sutra

9th B - Two Roads


5th B - Invoking Vajrasattva

3rd B - Blessed are the Poor in Spirit


20th Th - Sudden Awakening and Gradual |Transformation

10th E - Liberation

9th B - Pure Container


27th E - Love is not a Stone

8th B - The First Line of Summary of Faith and Practice


26th B - Old, old Questions

20th B - Four Modes of Faith

16th B - Is it selfish to go to the Pure Land?

15th W - Credit and Merit

13th B - Faith and Works

12th B - The Buddhist Shrine or Altar

1st B - What to Do with Dukkha


28th B - Meditation Sickness

23rd B - A Few More Reflections on Being Here Now

17th B - Negativity: The importance of secondary thought

14th B - Tell Me Again How to Meditate

9th B - Do Nembers Matter? Crazy Logic

7th B - Being Natural is Rather Unusual

5th B - The Famous Dialectic of Chan


26th B - Early Buddhism in a Nutshell


8th Bl - What Next? ~ Acharya Susthama Kim



4th Bl - By Sheer Power of Aspiration ~ Acharya Susthama Kim

3rd B - The Wish to Practise a Religious Life - Commentary on Summary of Faith & Practice, part two

1st B - Affinity with Infinity - Commentary on Summary of Faith & Practice, part one


23rd I - From Mindfulness to Heartfulness, Part 5 (final): The heart of the Matter

13th I - From Mindfulness to Heartfulness, Part 4: The Precious Mirror

8th I - From Mindfulness to Heartfulness, Part 3: Wonderful Awe

7th I - From Mindfulness to Heartfulness, Part 2: Different kinds of mindfulness

5th I - From Mindfulness to Heartfulness, Part I : To Stand and Stare


30th B - A Few Words about Grief

29th B - The Wrong Idea about the Right Idea

11th B - Meditation, Mysticism & Moral Development

10th B - Meditation is an Auxiliary Practice


29th B - Gentle Spirit

5th B - Seventeen Forms of Conditioning

1st Th - Therapy as Spiritual Practice

August (Teaching was given in Korea)

29th B - Offer Everything


20th B - Vidya is Authenticity


14th B - Slaves to Appearances - Summary of Faith and Practice commentary

7th B - Irreversibility & Determinism - An old Buddhist controversy

6th B - Receiving the Seed of Buddhahood - Summary of Faith and Practice commentary

4th T - Tao Te Ching 13: Serve under Heaven, not under Self


26th Q - Being, Becoming & Three Levels of Craving

22nd Q - Two Truths

13th T -Tao Te Ching Chapter Twelve & Commentary

12th T - Tao Te Ching Chapter Eleven & Commentary

8th B - Dwelling in this settled faith - Summary of Faith and Practice commentary

7th T - Tao Te Ching Chapter Ten & Commentary

6th B - Who'd Be A Bell Master?

3rd T - Tao Te Ching Chapter Nine & Commentary


22nd B - Nien Fo

21st Q - No Nature

10th B - Complete Assurance

6th B - Happiness & Emptiness

1st Th - Transparency: Can you keep a secret?


28th B - Body, Speech & Mind - Summary of Faith and Practice Commentary

26th B - Simple Mind - Summary of Faith and Practice Commentary

16th B - Shan Tao's Dream - Summary of Faith & Practice commentary

15th B - Not Monotheism

14th Q - Suicide

13th B - Impediments to Faith - Summary of Faith & Practice commentary

11th B - Tung Shan's Five Ranks


12th B - The Great Grief - Summary of Faith & Practice commentary

5th B - Tung Shan's Five Ranks

3rd B - In the Dark


23rd Q - Mantras

18th B - What is Nembutsu?

17th T - Skandhas, Kelly & Vico

16th Q - Secretly Taking on the Sufferings of Others

7th Q - Trikaya

4th Q - Benefits of Nembutsu Practice

1st E - Into the Unknown with Open Hands



31st E - Vico, Descartes and all that

24th Bl - Seasonal Message

12th B - Foolish Beings of Wayward Passion

1st B - The Vow Body of Buddha


24th B - Land of Love & Bliss

22nd B - Learning from Karmic Obstacles

3rd Q - How it is to Be Alone


22nd A - Art & Practice

21st B - Dharma Transcends Worldly Rules

20th Q - Religion & Reason

18th X - Self, Sex, Commodification & Manipulation

15th Q - Too Much Awareness

14th Q - The Merit in Being a Hermit

13th Q - Many Right States of Mind

7th B - Responding to Crimes Motivated by Hate ~ Acharya Modgala

6th B - Sudden & Gradual: Open the Tin Can

4th B - Encounter with Korean Zen

3rd B - A New Year and an Old Piece of Wood

2nd W - Will Dull Become Dark?


28th B - The Means of Training are Thousandfold

26th D - Ethics Beyond Religion? - A lively discussion

25th Q - Mixing Practices, Cultivating Friendship

24th B - The Distinctive Role of Religion in Society _ Acharya Modgala

23rd B - Faith & Grace ~ Acharya Sujatin

21st B - It's Not About Seeing Things As They Are

20th P - Shuttledore

18th B - Quantum Buddha

15th B - Delineated by the Precepts

14th B - The Buddha Body

13th Th - Separation

12th Bl - There is No One

11th Da - Buddhist Community

9th B - Awesome Power ~ Acharya Sujatin

8th B - Faith & Practice Cannot be Differentiated

6th B - A Bundle of Dependent Factors

5th B - Ekagata

3rd B - Respecting Difference

2nd B - Self-Psychology East & West

1st B - Dualities & Nondualities


30th Bl - Buddhism & Creative Writing - Part One

27th B - Dogen & Saigyo

26th W - Preserving Democracy

25th B - Can a Tile Be a Mirror?

24th Q - To Err is Human... & We Do Not Stop Being So

23rd B - Lamenting War with Saigyo

22nd B - Here and There with Saigyo

21st Q - Duality & Nonduality

20th B - Enough is Enough

19th B - Dharmaternative: The problem of real peace

18th B - Principles Against Some Common Fallacies

17th B - Honen & human Nature

16th B - Completely Foolish

15th D - Blind Turtle

14th B - Set It Aside

13th Q - Metta

12th B - Small Degrees

11th B - Not Too Complicated

10th Th - Space Therapy

9th T - Three Short Teachings ~ Number Three

8th T - Three Short Teachings ~ Number Two

7th T - Three Short teachings ~ Number One

6th B - Contrition (Summary Part 18)

5th B - The Three Minds (Part Four)

4th B - The Three Minds (Part three)

3rd B - The Three Minds (Part two)

2nd B - The Three Minds (Part one) - Summary part 17

1st B - Fragment of a Conversation - puritanism, fundamentalism, ritual and other things


31st Da - Lama Wangmo on Unconditional Goodwill

30th B - The Unconscious has an Honourable Place - Summary part 16

29th B - Rare & Precious

28th H - Secretly Put Down a Deep Root

27th B - The Practice for Ignorant Beings (Summary 15)

26th B - Without Knowing What Rebirth in the Pure Land Truly Is

25th B - Bencho, successor to Honen

24th B - Rebirth in the Pure Land

23rd Da - Talking about Saigyo

22nd B - Kyojukaimon - Ten Precept teaching

21st Q - Live with Wholeness of Heart

20th B - Styles of Buddhist Training

19th B - Your Sutra

18th B - Unpredictable Relationship

17th B - Are You Creative? ~ Acharya Sujatin

16th B - Decay of the Body

15th W - Terrorism

14th X - Sharing Feelings

13th B - Complete Trust (Summary of Faith & Practice 12)

12th B - A Foolish Being who Understands Nothing (Summary of Faith & Practice 11)

11th B - Five Points on Impermanence

10th E - Expectations

9th B - Finding Balance ~ Acharya Sujatin

8th V - Secrecy & Deception & On Youtube

7th V - Anshin Retreat Day Three Talk

6th E - Spiritual Engagement

5th V - Anshin Retreat Day Two Dharma Talk

4th B - The Ways in Which Words Can Lead Us ~ Acharya Sujatin

3rd B - Singularity & Community (Ekagata)

2nd V - Anshin Retreat Opening Talk Video


26th B - Words ~ Acharya Sujatin

24th E - Anshin (Part Seven): Practical Application

23rd Th - Anshin (Part Six): Faith in Therapy

22nd B - Anshin (Part Five): Four Sukhas

21st T - Anshin (Part Four): The Judgement of the Oracle

20th H - Anshin (Part Three): Symbolism of My Island Home

19th X - Anshin (Part Two): Domestic Bliss?

18th B - Anshin (Part One): It's alright

17th B - A Nei Quan Retreat & A Break Through ~ Acharya Sujatin


10th B - Gratitude for Gratitude

9th B - Gratitude ~ Acharya Sujatin

8th B - Buddhism: Religion or Psychology

7th B - Tan Butsu Ge: The Life of No regret - Part One ~ Acharya Modgala

6th Q - Pureland & Other Practices

5th B - Refuge

4th B - 'Training' in Buddhism

3rd B - In Less than a Day

2nd B - Something New Around the Corner ~ Acharya Sujatin

1st B - Grandmotherly Mind


31st Q - Buddha & Derrida

30th B - Namo Amida Bu - Chanting Saved My Life ~ Acharya Modgala

29th T - Heart

28th B - Three Aspects of Delusion & Enlightenment - Talk at Oasis

27th H - A Fire for Artemis

26th B - How This Bombu Met the Buddha ~ Acharya Sujatin

25th B - Shariputra & his Brother Enter the Way

24th B - Dialectic Within the Teaching & Within the Sangha

23rd Q - Obedience

22nd Bl - Dilemmas about Dogen or Dogen's Dilemmas

21st B - Talk at Oasis 20th May 2016

20th Q - Was Buddha Self Power or Other Power?

19th B - The Koan of Shakyamuni

18th B - Two Famous Koans

17th B - The Night of Enlightenment

16th B - More Thoughts About the Autumn Retreat

15th B - The Merit of a Fan

14th E - Spirit in Action

13th B - The Robe

12th T - Permeable Life

11th B - Thinking About the Autumn Retreat

10th E - Building an Ark

9th B - Fo Tao Li: The ideal life

8th B - What is Samadhi For?

7th T - The Importance of Musing

6th B - Passions Below the Surface

5th B - Four Foundations of Mindfulness

4th B - More About Anger

3rd B - More Awe

2nd B - The Way We Carry On

1st B - Realising Anger


30th B - Getting out of Prison

29th B - The Buddha's Ambivalence about Meditation

28th B - Why is it So Hard to be Natural?

27th B - Samadhi Soup

26th Th - A Bulimic World

25th B - Crazyana

24th B - Five Stages of Mindfulness: Toward and beyond spacious mind

23rd B - Trusting Trust: Faith is Enlightenment, Enlightenment is Faith

22nd E - All Sangha are One Sangha

21st E - Cultivating Sangha

20th B - Eightfold What?

19th Q - The Unborn

18th B - Dealing with Emotions: The fixless fix

17th B - Overcoming Weakness & Discovering No Birth: The story of Parsva

16th T - A Controversial Chapter: TTC5

15th H - Having Faith in Faith

14th T - Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 4

13th T - Problems with Chinese

12th B - The Meaning of Tathagata

11th H - Lessons from Pooh

10th Th - Epoche

9th Th - Apodicity

8th B - Ju-nen Contemplation

7th H - Faith as a Rather Human Friend

6th T - I Ching: The Turning Point

5th B - Praying for All Lineages

4th B - Letting it Go

3rd H - Love is the Life that You Already Have - Part Two

2nd H - Love is the Life that You Already Have - Part One

1st T - Rule Without Misgovernment - Tao te Ching Ch 3


31st Th - Three Key Concepts in Buddhist Psychology - Part Two

30th Th - Three Key Concepts in Buddhist Psychology - Part One

29th H - Opening onto a Broad Vista

28th B - Summary of Faith & Practice Part Ten: The One Essential

27th B - Easter Ancestor Memorial Ceremony

26th H - What is a Spiritual Community?

25th T - Tao Te Ching ~ Chapter Two Part Two

24th T - I Ching: Calm Before & After Completion

23rd H - It Is Good to Pray

22nd T - Tao Te Ching ~ Chapter Two Part One

21st B - Summary of Faith & Practice Commentary Part Nine

20th B - Punyayashas: Buddha Child on Golden Ground

19th B - Religious Consciousness: Buddha's Basic Teaching on How to be a Noble One

18th T - I Ching Telling Us About Itself

17th B - Effacement

16th B - Radiant Face

15th H - The Dilemma of Brutus

14th H - The Story of Jonah

13th B - Prayers of the Heart

12th B - Nembutsu as Trikaya Buddhism

11th B - Teachers, Disciples & Students

10th T - Tao Te Ching Chapter One

9th B - Love & Destiny - The Way of Ashvaghosa

8th H - The Tower of Babel

7th B - Summary of Faith & Practice Commentary Part Eight

6th Th - The Stage

5th B - The Samadhi of Equality

4th T - I Ching: The Book of Change

3rd T - Lao Tzu & the Tao Te Ching

2nd B - Buddha's Advice

1st B - Dogen


29th B - Reflecting the Ocean of Truth: The koan of Kapimala

28th B - Dependent Origination is Other Power

27th Q - When is the Pure Land?

26th B - Dragon Pearl - The Story of Nagarjuna

25th B - Summary of Faith & Practice Commentary Part Seven

24th B - On Becoming Ippen

23rd H - How Philosophical Are You?

22nd B - Summary of Faith & Practice Commentary Part Six

21st B - Does the Dharma Need Up-dating?

20th D - Some Thoughts on Ethics

19th B - The Equivalence of Three Buddhist Principles

18th H - May Eirene Reign Long

17th B - The Story of Ambapali

16th B - On Verbal & Meditative Nembutsu

Allocation to Groups

A = Art & Myth

B = Buddhism

Bl = Blog Post

D = David's Archive

Da = Eleusis Daily

E = Evolving a Philosophy - Thinkers Corner

G = Green Amida

H = Hellenica & Ancient Wisdom


P = Poetry

Q = Questions in the Sand

T = Tao & Eastern Wisdom

Th = Therapeutae

V = Video

W = War & Peace

X = Men & Women

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