This is an index of the podcasts. Issue of podcasts began in April 2020 in the circumstance of the lockdown due to the corona virus pandemic. Where transcriptions and/or translations exist you can follow the link by clicking on the title.

01 4th April Faith During Lockdown
Dutch translation: Geloof tijdens de Lockdown
French translation: La foi durant le confinement
Italian translation: La fede durante il lockdown
Spanish translation: Fe durante el confinamiento
02 6th April Eight Afflictions Eightfold Path
Dutch translation: Acht Kwellingen Het Achtvoudige pad
French translation: Huit afflictions, l’octuple sentier
Italian translation: Otto afflizioni-Ottuplice sentiero
Spanish translation: Ocho aflicciones - sendero óctuple
03    8th April           Buddha's Birthday
Dutch Translation: De Verjaardag van de Boeddha
French translation: L'anniversaire de Bouddha
Italian translation: Compleanno del Budda
Spanish translation: El cumpleaños de Buda
04 12th April Moderation
Dutch Translation: Matiging
French translation: La moderation
Italian translation: Moderazione
Spanish translation: Moderación
05 14th April Post Pandemic Realism
Dutch Translation: Post Pandemisch Realisme
Italian translation: Realtà post-pandemica
Spanish translation: Realismo postpandémico
06 17th April Heart Sutra Explanation
Dutch translation: Hart Soetra, Toelichting
French translation: Explication du Soutra du Cœur
Italian translation: Esegesi del Sutra del Cuore
Spanish translation: Explicación del Sutra del Corazón
07 18th April Heart Sutra Supplementary
Dutch translation: Hart Soetra, Supplementair
Spanish translation: Sutra del Corazón, suplementario
08 20th April The Future Depends on the Quality of the Present
Dutch translation De toekomst hangt af van de kwaliteit van het heden
French translation: Le Futur depend de la Qualité du Présent
Italian translation: Il futuro dipende dalla qualità del presente
Spanish translation: El futuro depende de la calidad del presente
09 23rd April What is Essential (English and Italian)
Dutch translation: Wat is essentieel?
French trnslation: Qu'est-ce qui est Essentiel?
Italian translation: Cos'è essenziale?
Spanish translation: ¿Qué es esencial?
10 25th April Heart Sutra, third talk
Dutch translation: De Hart Soetra, derde voordracht
Italian translation: Il Sutra del Cuore, terzo discorso
Spanish translation: Sutra del Corazón, tercera charla
11 27th April You’ll Be Surprised
German translation: Du wirst überrascht sein
Italian translation: Sarete sorpresi!
Spanish translation: Serás sorprendido
12 29th April Right Intention
Italian translation: Retta intenzione
Spanish translation: Intención correcta
13 1st May Meet in the Pure Land
Dutch translation: Ontmoeting in het Zuiverland
French translation: Se retrouver dans la Terre Pure
Italian translation: Incontro nella Terra Pura
Spanish translation: Encuentro en la Tierra Pura
14 3rd May Taking refuge
Dutch translation: Het nemen van toevlucht
Italian translation: Prendere rifugio
Spanish translation: Tomar refugio
15 5th May Four Noble Truths in Time of Pandemic 
Italian translation: Le quattro nobili verità in questo periodo di pandemia
Spanish translation: Viviendo las Cuatro Nobles Verdades en tiempos de pandemia
16 7th May Bardo
Dutch translation: Bardo
Spanish translation: Bardo
17 9th May Buddhist Teacher
Dutch translation: Boeddhistische Leraar
Spanish translation: Maestro Budista
18 11th May Getting Ahead of the Next Wave
Dutch translation: Vooruitlopen op de volgende golf
Dutch translation: Vooruitlopen op de volgende golf
French translation: Le chemin vers "Hometown"
Spanish translation: Adelantarse a la próxima ola
19 13th May Dhyana
Dutch translation: Dhyana
Spanish translation: Dhyana
20 15th May Asking Buddha for Help
French translation: Demander l'aide du Bouddha
Spanish translation: Pidiendo ayuda a Buda
21 17th May Crossing Barriers
Dutch translation: Barrières oversteken
Spanish translation: Cruzar barreras
22 19th May Turn of Mind: Vijñana and Rupa
Dutch translation: Omwenteling van de geest (Vijñana en Rupa)
French translation: La tournure de l'esprit (Vijnana et Rupa)
Spanish translation: Cambio de mente (Vijñana y Rupa)
23 21st May Summary of Faith ad Practice
Dutch translation: Samenvatting van Geloof en Praktijk
Spanish translation: Sumario de fe y práctica
24 23rd May Corona Rupa
Spanish translation: Corona rupa
25 25th May Nembutsu
Spanish translation: Nembutsu
26 27th May Ohara Meeting
Dutch translation: Ohara Meeting
Spanish translation: El simposio de Ohara
27 29th May Dependent Origination
German translation: Abhängiges Entstehen
Spanish translation: Originación dependiente
28 31st May Vedana
Dutch translation: Vedana
Spanish translation: Vedana
29 2nd June Respect
French translation: Respect
Spanish translation: Respeto
30 4th June Engagement
Dutch Translation: Engagement
French translation: Engagement
German Translation: Engagement
Italian translation: Impegno
Spanish translation: Compromiso
31 6th June Yelui Chu Tsai
Spanish translation: Yelui Chu Tsai
32 8th June Conclave
Spanish translation: Cónclave
33 10th June Go I (Five Ranks)
Dutch translation: Go I - De Vijf Rangen
Spanish translation: Go I - Los Cinco Rangos
34 12th June Love Received
Spanish translation: El amor será recibido
35 14th June Sincere Mind
Italian translation: La mente sincera
Spanish translation: Mente sincera
36 16th June Samjña
Dutch Translation: Samjña
Spanish translation: Samjña
37 18th June Amida Shu Origins
Spanish translation: Orígenes de Amida Shu
38 20th June Yin and Yang
Italian translation: Yin e Yang
Spanish translation: El Yin y el Yang
39 22nd June Echoes of Amida
German translation: Echos von Amida
Spanish translation: Ecos de Amida
40 24th June Auxiliary Meditation
Spanish translation: Meditaciones auxiliares
41 26th June Nirvana
Italian translation: Nirvana
Spanish translation: Nirvana
42 28th June Bio-diversity
Spanish translation: Biodiversidad
43 30th June How I got interested in India
Spanish translation: Cómo me interesé en la India
44 2nd July The Art of Living
Dutch translation: De kunst van het leven
Spanish translation: El arte de vivir
45 4nd July Ekagata ~ Independence
Spanish translation: Independencia ekagata
46 6th July The Perfect Heart
Dutch translation: Het perfecte hart
Spanish translation: El corazón perfecto
47 8th July Offering One's Heart
Spanish translation: Ofreciendo el corazón
48 10th July Educating the Heart
Spanish translation: Educando el corazón
49 12th July Samskara ~ the Unconscious
Dutch translation: Samskara het onbewuste
Italian translation: Samskara ~ l'inconscio
Spanish translation: Samskara - El inconsciente
50 14th July Wear a Mask
Spanish translation: Ponte una máscara
51 16th July Wholeheartedness
Spanish translation: Sinceridad
52 18th July Monks and Bodhisattvas in Early Buddhism
Spanish translation: Monjes y bodhisattvas en el Budismo temprano
53 20th July Only Failures
German translation: Nur wer scheitert
Spanish translation: Solo fracasos
54 22nd July Karma
Spanish translation: Karma
55 24th July In Tune with the Season
Spanish translation: En sintonía con la estación
56 26th July Jung
French translation: Jung
Italian translation: Jung
Spanish translation: Jung
57 28th July Five Refuge Sangha
Spanish translation: Sangha de Cinco Refugios
58 30th July Profound Mind
Italian translation: Mente Profonda
Spanish translation: Mente Profunda
59 1st August 100K Nen
Spanish translation: 100K nen
60 3rd August Making a Garden
Spanish translation: Haciendo un jardín
61 5th August Simple Rites for the Departed
Dutch translation: Eenvoudige Rituelen voor wie overgaat
French translation: Rites simples à accomplir pour les defunts
Spanish translation: Ritos sencillos para los difuntos
62 7th August Explosion
Spanish translation: Explosión
63 9th August Care and Kindness
Spanish translation: Cuidado y amabilidad
64 11th August Loneliness
Italian translation: Solitudine
Spanish translation: Soledad
65 13th August Object Relation
Spanish translation: Relación con el objeto
66 15th August Wholesome Object
Spanish translation: Objeto saludable
67 17th August Turning to a Better Object
Spanish translation: Cambiando a un objeto mejor
68 19th August Overview: Amida Shu Podcasts on the Skandhas
Spanish translation: Cambiando a un objeto mejor
68 19th August Buddha Dharma is the Most wholesome Object
Spanish translation: El Dharma de Buda es el objeto más saludable
69 21st August Trikaya Contemplation
Italian translation: Trikaya Contemplation
Spanish translation: Contemplación Trikaya
70 23rd August Pratyaya of Association
Spanish translation: Pratyaya de asociación
71 25th August Playful Mind
Spanish translation: Mente juguetona
72 27th August A Buddhist Altar
Dutch translation: Een boeddhistisch altaar
Spanish translation: Un altar Budista
73 29th August Awesome Light
Dutch translation: Ontzagwekkend licht
Spanish translation: Luz asombrosa
74 31st August Time to Float
Dutch translation: Tijd om te drijven
Spanish translation: Hora de flotar
75 2nd Sept Honey Moon
French translation: Lune de Miel
Italian translation: Luna di miele
Spanish translation: Luna de miel
76 4th Sept Have a Mala
Spanish translation: Tener un mala
77 6th Sept Feelings are not Diseases
Spanish translation: Los sentimientos no son enfermedades
78 8th Sept Mentor
Italian translation: Mentor
Spanish translation: Mentor
79 10th Sept Kyo Ni Lama
Dutch translation: Kyo Ni Lama
Spanish translation: Kyo Ni Lama
80 12th Sept Transferring Merit
Dutch translation: Het overdragen van Verdienste
Italian translation: Trasferire i meriti
Spanish translation: Transfiriendo mérito
81 14th Sept Shravakas and Bodhisattvas
Dutch translation: Shravakas en Bodhisattvas
Spanish translation: Sravakas y bodhisattvas
82 16th Sept Advent of Kshitigarbha
Dutch translation: De afkomst van Kshitigarbha
Spanish translation: Advenimiento de Kshitigarbha
83 18th Sept Always invoking the Good
Dutch translation: Altijd het Goede aanroepen
Italian translation: Invocando sempre il Bene
Spanish translation: Invocando siempre lo bueno
84 20th Sept Jiroemon
Dutch translation: Jiroemon
Italian translation: Jiroemon
Spanish translation: Jiroemon
85 22nd Sept Karma
Dutch translation: Karma
Italian translation: Karma
Spanish translation: Karma
86 24th Sept Koan
Italian translation: Koan
Spanish translation: Kōan
87 26th Sept Four Truths Revisited
German translation: Vier Wahrheiten neu betrachtet
Italian translation: Le Quattro Verità rivisitate
Spanish translation: Cuatro Verdades revisitadas
88 28th Sept Worldly Benefit
Italian translation: Benefici Mondani
Spanish translation: Beneficio mundano
89 30th Sept An Active Buddhism
Dutch translation: Een actief boeddhisme
Italian translation: Un buddismo attivo
Spanish translation: Un Budismo activo
90 2nd Oct Thinking about the Bodhi Retreat
Dutch translation: Denkend aan de Bodhi Retreat
Italian translation: Pensando al Bodhi Retreat
Spanish translation: Pensando en el Retiro del Bodhi
91 4th Oct Mid-Life Crisis
Dutch translation: Mid-Life Crisis
Italian translation: Crisi di mezza età
Spanish translation: Crisis de la mediana edad
92 6th Oct Ananda goes to the Well
Dutch translation: Ananda gaat naar de Bron
Italian translation: Ananda va al pozzo
Spanish translation: Ananda va al pozo
93 8th Oct Pureland and Zen
Dutch translation: Zuiverland en Zen
French translation: Terre Pur et Zen
Italian translation: Terra Pura y Zen
Spanish translation: Tierra Pura y Zen
94 10th Oct Nembutsu as Koan
Dutch translation: Nembutsu als Koan
Italian translation: Nembutsu come koan
Spanish translation: Nembutsu como Kōan
95 12th Oct Practising with Devils
Dutch translation: Praktiseren met duivels
Italian translation: Praticare con i demoni
Spanish translation: Practicando con diablos
96 14th Oct Friendship
Dutch translation: Vriendschap
Italian translation: Amicizia
Spanish translation: Amistad
97 16th Oct Precepts
Dutch translation: Voorschriften
German translation: Grundsätze / Prinzipien
Italian translation: Precetti
Spanish translation: Preceptos
98 18th Oct The Awakening of Dharmakara
Dutch translation: De verlichting van Dharmakara
Italian translation: Il risveglio di Dharmakara
Spanish translation: El despertar de Dharmakara
99 20th Oct The Spirit of the Vow
Dutch translation: De geest van de gelofte
German translation: Der Spirit des Gelübdes
Italian translation: Lo spirito del Voto
Spanish translation: El espíritu del voto
100 22nd Oct The Three Great Vows
Dutch translation: De drie grote geloften
Italian translation: I Tre Grandi Voti
Spanish translation: Los Tres Grandes Votos
101 24th Oct Vow Twenty-two
Dutch translation: De Tweeëntwintigste Gelofte (‘Vow 22’)
German translation: Gelübde Zweiundzwanzig
Italian translation: Ventiduesimo Voto
Spanish translation: Voto 22
102 26th Oct Rapture and Song
Dutch translation: Extase en Gezangen
Italian translation: Estasi e canto
Spanish translation: Rapto y canto
103 28th Oct Refuge for the Mind
Dutch translation: Toevlucht voor de geest
Italian translation: Rifugio per la mente
Spanish translation: Refugio para la mente
104 30th Oct Vow 44: Joy and Enthusiasm
Dutch translation: Gelofte 44 - Vreugde en Enthousiasme
Italian translation: Voto 44 - Gioia ed entusiasmo
Spanish translation: Alegría y entusiasmo
105 1st Nov Nyorai
Dutch translation: Nyorai
Italian translation: Nyorai
Spanish translation: Nyorai
106 3rd Nov Apparitional Cities
Dutch translation: Fictieve steden
Italian translation: Città fantasma
Spanish translation: Ciudades fantasma
107 Ten Syllable Nembutsu
Dutch translation: De Nembutsu met tien lettergrepen
Italian translation: Nembutsu di dieci sillabe
Spanish translation: Nembutsu de diez sílabas
108 Three Little Words
Dutch translation: Drie Kleine woordjes
Italian translation: Tre piccole parole
Spanish translation: Tres palabritas

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